Unlikely Versus No. 11: Donkey Kong vs. Donkey Kong


Today we will pit the original Donkey Kong against the remake from the 90’s, Donkey Kong!


Their shared backgrounds:

The Original Donkey Kong is stated to be none other than Cranky Kong. He shares the same appearance as his relative but doesn’t have the same haircut. He does have a tie though, in Donkey Kong -94, which he passes on along with his title to his grandson. He’s in Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. (where his son is to rescue him), Donkey Kong 3, and Donkey Kong -94 (it has to be him as the game also stars Donkey Kong Jr.). We’ll call him Cranky Kong from now on.

Donkey Kong, the remake, is actually the grandson (as most official sources state) of Cranky Kong. What happened to his father, Donkey Kong Jr., is not known. He usually lazies about collecting bananas, but shows great strength and dexterity when push comes to shove. We’ll call him Donkey Kong from now on.

To make things more even, we’re pitting them against each other in their primes!

Their strenghts:

Cranky Kong is not only strong enough to continually throw heavy barrels but can even produce fire. He can climb well and is strong (or heavy) enough to jump so that construction sites completely break, with beams and support failing under his force. His stamina is huge, as he can hang in vines for a long time (Donkey Kong 3) and throw barrels continuosly (Donkey Kong). He seems wise and knowledgeable (Donkey Kong Country) which gives him an edge over his grandson, though we can’t tell if that’s because of age or not (as he seems to have had a bad temper in his first adventures). At the very least, his intelligence should be average. He’s also sarcastic, which is theorized to be indicative of higher intelligence, and uses most modern appliances well.

Donkey Kong has less brute force, but more agility and dexterity overall. He can run fairly fast, and though strong enough to throw barrels, he hasn’t been shown to be strong enough to topple construction sites through sheer jumping strength alone. He isn’t the smartest of primates in his universe, but has the skills of using everyday items such as TV’s and is able to ride animals. Intelligence-wise he’s comparable to an average human being. He’s also able to play a lot of different sports, and is currently one of the strongest boxers in the Punch Out!! universe, where he’s a secret fighter. Though his technique is unorthodox it’s shown to be very effective.

Their weaknesses:

Cranky Kong still has a bad temper when he’s older, which may imply that he should have a short temper as a youth that would be able to exploit. While giving in to his anger would make him stronger, he would lose his wits. He doesn’t seem to be all that agile either, being brought up in the city, focusing instead on brute force.

Donkey Kong lacks in strength, and isn’t even the most powerful Kong in the family (Cranky showing stronger feats, and Chunky and Funky arguably being stronger when it comes to sheer force). He is well rounded though, with a good balance between strength, agility and dexterity. He doesn’t seem all to bright though, and doesn’t seem to be able to speak very well at all.

The Verdict:

I reckon Donkey Kong would be able to take Cranky Kong down with agility- he’s felled bigger and stronger foes still as is it. I doubt a younger Cranky Kong would be able to outsmart his grandson in a fight- as he’d lose his temper. I mean, if a small carpenter/plumber with great jumping ability is able to beat him- then it wouldn’t be inconcievable that a stronger dexterious less evolved primate such as Donkey Kong Jr Jr could take him down. Add a little wisdom to the elder ape- well, then we might have an opponent that few Mario Universe characters can take down.



Holiday Greetings from Yoshi’s Island

Here’s the remade holiday song of 2018! Happy holidays!
Oh, the Kamek outside is frightful
And his fire is no more delightful
And since Luigis’s got places to go
Let him go, let him go, let him go!
Man it doesn’t show signs of stoppin’
And the enemies keep up poppin’
The fights are keeping things too slow
Let him go, let him go, let him go!
While we the bosses kick good-night
How I’ll hate going out in the storm
But if you really hold me tight
Mario, the way home will be warm
And the fights are slowly dying
And, my dear, we’re making Juniors crying
But as long as you listen so
Let him go, let him go, let him go!
When we finally kick Junior good-night
How I’ll hate going out in the storm
But if you really hold me tight
Mario, the way home will be warm
And the fights are finally dying
And, my dear, saving Luigi was satisfying
But as long as we got him so
Let’s a go, let’s a go, let’s a go!

Game Hunting: What’s New, What’s Old

Hello again! In this post I’m going to present to you my new video game purchases in picture, and also a small amount of the ones I bought the last two years. Let’s get on with it.


First I’d like to show off something “old”, that is the Japanese Super Metroid cartridge that I wrote about in the last post. It plays just the same and has language options for both Japanese and English. I’m playing it on my Super Famicom, though with the removal of two plastic tabs you can play it on an NTSC Super Nintendo too. The other one is Super Mario All Stars which is the PAL-version. It’s arguably the best way to play the original NES trilogy, if you’re not a purist that is. Speaking of original games, I just noticed that you revert into small Mario in Super Mario World when getting hit, while in Super Mario Bros 3 (outside of Japan) you revert to Super Mario instead. I guess my confusion comes from playing the GBA version of Super Mario World, in that one it works like in Super Mario Bros. 3 too.


Now something new in the collection; Metroid and Balloon Fight, two games that I’ve been looking to get for a long time. The problem was that they were expensive as hell (ranging something between 40-60 euros each) but now as the video game prices are decreasing generally, I got them for about 20 euros each, in great condition. It had to be the original releases for me (not the updated re-release for Metroid, which still is rad, by the way, and the pixelated cover for Balloon Fight- but the, in my opinion, better Japanese cover). Metroid is solid but difficult and unforgiving, and the lack of an in-game map makes this game a true challenge. I’ve yet to find the first boss- and other than a missile pack and the Morph Ball I haven’t found any other upgrades at all. But I’ll keep trying!

20181209_124705273_resizedI finally snagged a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, which I’ve wanted since I found out it existed in the beginning of the -00’s. Being a huge Dragon Ball fan (with a thin wallet) I couldn’t imagine a better game in my school years, and drooled over the prospect of ever owning such an advanced and gorgeous game. It has a cool compressed intro and the game itself is more akin to the SNES Super Butoden series, only a bit clunkier gameplay, but prettier graphics. The soundtrack mostly consists of remixed MIDI-versions of the Super Butoden soundtrack. The other three were dirt cheap case sacrifices, and gave up their sweet encasings to better, and more expensive, games. They’re Formula One Racing (I think),  SpecOps Ranger Elite and NBA Hoopz.


And last, but not least, I got some Xbox and Xbox One games. What’s new is Spy vs. Spy for the Xbox, and I inserted an image of the NES game of the same name just to show it to you. The older purchase of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is presented to you as well, as well as Siberia II and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 has been on my list ever since I saw the first game on a Dreamcast kiosk many years ago, astounded by the fluent 2D animations and the cartoony look. I distinctly remember the Juggernaut and Wolverine.

What’s interesting about Revenge of the Sith is that it’s a Promotional Copy, and without that branding I wouldn’t have bought it to be honest. Seemed to be a nice collectible. Inside it looks just like a normal copy, but I haven’t booted the disc yet to be able to see if the game is any different (it shouldn’t be- right? Though some games have last minute changes made between promotion and release). Other than that I got Game of Thrones from Telltale (R.I.P) and 7 Days to Die. I’ve looked for 7 Days to Die ever since I saw it in a Spanish video game store, but I forgot about the title and couldn’t find anything about it, that is, until my wife found it in a store over here instead. It’s a survival horror game where you alone, or in co-op mode, have to collect resources to survive a zombie hoard.


And that’s it for now! See you next post.

My Star Wars Figurine Collection

I’ve amassed quite the collection of Star Wars figures. It’s too much to describe each and every individual piece, but generally they’re all newly made figures from Hasbro, Hot Wheels or Micro Machines. A few “normal series” figures, some Black Series, and only two or so older (but not yet vintage) figures. The reasons being that I don’t hold nostalgic attachment to the older toys and they don’t have the same resemblance as the newer toys, naturally. Also, they tend not to be complete, and if they are complete with accessories, they’re expensive…


Alright, I’ll get right to the exceptions:

  • At the bottom left we have a Scout Trooper with the Speeder Bike (missing a single flap in the back) from the 1995 Power of the Force series.
  • Those Battle Droids, in sitting position, have no evident markings. Their guns are permanenly attached and their legs molded in a perpertual walking motion. They can’t stand up on their own so now they all sit down. I couldn’t pin them down to a specific release, and they don’t seem to be from the standards packs from A Phantom Menace, as they have stiff arms and are painted. UPDATE: They are from the Episode 1 figure packs as bonus figurines. They were sold in a thrift shop for 1 dollar each, and I picked up 5 of them, and gave two of them to my brother.
  • Anakin Skywalker from Attack of the Clones, a heavy, metal-ish figure I found at a flea market. I haven’t been able to identify this one either, but it doesn’t look like the Figurtarts or Black Series figure. The detailing is really nice, only the face looks a bit off.

Black Series figures:

  • Luke Skywalker from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (uppermost left)
  • Obi Wan from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (next to Luke)
  • Jango Fett from Episode II: Attack of the Clones (right next to the LCD game)

Funko Pop:

  • The BB9E from Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (it’s also a booble-head)

The spacecraft and vehicles at the front are die-cast models from Hot Wheels.

The Luke Skywalker and Han Solo figures in front of the huge R2-D2 are value series figures with reduced movement, but good detail, painting and sculpting (sold for 7 Euros each at a sale) released from Hasbro. Both figures are from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and were released along with the release of Episode VII.

The rest are standard release figures, the bigger ones are 12 inch figures and K-2SO is a big fig release.


This is Slave 1 that came with the Boba Fett figurine.


That’s all for now!

Notable Video Game Purchases since -16

Hello again everyone!

The last two years have been filled with a lot of unique game purchases, and I’ve aqcuired as many as the games that I wanted that I feel like my collection is complete. Granted, there are games like Demon’s Crest (SNES) or Gargoyles Quest 2 (NES) that I’d like to buy if I ever come over them cheaply, but I don’t think I’d be able to buy them full price. I’m not rich, exactly.


Tingle is 35 and rich, though.

I’ll list notable games by their system. No pictures, as it’d take too long time to do that. Any interesting information will be next to it, and “gift” means it was given to me, and… that’s it. If the game was an exceptional bargain I’ve written the price next to it.


  1. The Legend of Zelda: I paid half of what it goes for, AND I even got a beaten up small box and a manual with it
  2. Castlevania
  3. Kid Icarus
  4. MAD
  5. Power Blade
  6. Mega Man 3
  7. Popeye
  8. Kung Fu: got it for the same price as a loose copy but with a beaten up small box
  9. TMNT 2: The Arcade Game (gift)


  1. Super Metroid: The Japanese version for 1/4th of what it goes for over here. Plays just the same and in English.
  2. Super Punch Out!!

Game Boy:

  1. Kid Icarus II
  2. TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan

SEGA Mega Drive:

  1. Terminator 1
  2. Terminator 2: The Arcade Game
  3. Jurassic Park
  4. Flintstones
  5. Sonic 3
  6. Rocket Knight Adventures
  7. Moonwalker
  8. Dragon Ball Z: Buuyuu Retsuden


  1. Resident Evil 2 (2£)
  2. GTA 2 (2£)
  3. Tomb Raider (2£)
  4. Jersey Devil (2£)
  5. Abe’s Exodus (gift)
  6. Worms
  7. Final Fantasy VII (got it for about 7 Euros)
  8. Fade to Black

Playstation 4:

  1. Dragon Quest Builders
  2. Skyrim
  3. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (gift)
  4. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  5. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (gift)
  6. Uncharted 4 + Expansion
  7. Star Wars Battlefront
  8. All three The Walking Dead Telltale games


Xbox One:

  • PUBG (came with the system)
  • Killer Instinct (5£)
  • Titanfall 2
  • Carmageddon: Max Damage (loved Carmageddon 2, nostalgia made me buy this, it has mixed reviews). (5£)


That’s it for now! A boring list later and the post is finished, for those of you that were interested. Next time I’ll show my Star Wars figurine collection, and after that the plushes, and finish it all off with pictures of my Game Room.


Take care!

Hello again, people!

I’ve decided to come back to this blog again, after being away for two years or so. I have exciting stuff to share with you, and a lot has happened the last two years. I’ll write some again, but not as consistently as before (I churned out three posts/week at my height). I got burned out and tried to produce content instead of focusing on having fun.


This is what happened the last two years:

  • I completed the list of retro games and assessories that I wanted to buy
  • I got a PS4, and more recently an Xbox One (it’s has the best controller for shooters!) but sadly not a Nintendo Switch as I physically don’t have room for it. I got to borrow an Xbox One from my brother in-law and decided to get one of my own during a magnificent sale.
  • I’ve completed my new Game Room
  • I’m assembling a Retropie based table-top arcade machine that will play mainly arcade games and Neo Geo, and some of the really expensive console titles that I won’t buy out of common sense
  • I’ve played through all the games I’ve bought and sold/given away the crappy ones and concentrated on fun quality games instead
  • I’ve been thrifting at flea markets etc. not only for video games, but movies, books and vintage equipment such as manual calculators, typewriters etc.

What you can expect:

  • I will present only notable video game finds from the past two years, and new ones only if they are interesting enough
  • I will present some of my Star Wars and movies/TV-series figure/plush collection.
  • I’ll write about new games that I look forward to/that I am playing (I’m way more up to date with the newer games).
  • More Unlikely Versus (that’s one of my own personal favourites!)

My Top Gaming moments these last two years:

  • Uncharted 4 “A Thief’s End”+ the “expansion” “The Lost Legacy”: Amazing gameplay and graphics that had me taking pauses as it was messing with my head
  • Star Wars Battlefront for PS4 (not the second cash-grab one, I’m boycotting that one definitely)
  • The Witcher 3 for PS4: Fantastic gameplay and story
  • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for PS4: Fun multifaceted game, but it sure did show its age.
  • Titanfall 2: Amazing Campaign and Multiplayer gameplay
  • Magical Starsign for Nintendo DS: Fun RPG game to play on the go. Not overly immersive and not too much story and cinematics to take away from the gameplay.
  • The Guardian Legend for the NES: Almost finished it bar the last boss. It’s gotten better with age!
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The best Smash Bros. to date
  • Super Mario 3D World: The best local multiplayer game I’ve played lately



I’ll end this first post by listing what I’m up to playing right now:

Playing now, Multiplayer: Titanfall 2 (great shooter mechanics and innovative movement gameplay with the mix of Titans, and an amazing Campaign)

Playing now, Single Player: The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine Expansion (amazing game!)

Playing now, Portable: Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (it’s better than the originals! They don’t force you to compete in Contests in the Contest Hall in Slateport, that’s the best change yet)


Smell ya later!

Thank You & Goodbye For Now

I’ve been contemplating for a while whether the time is right or not to end this chapter in my video game fandom, that is my blogging. I started out doing this to discuss my hobby as a student in Poland where I had little to no contact with video gamers, and the country itself didn’t have that many old systems due to having a communistic government when video games were debuting as a media in the world. While I was able to buy buy cheaper Playstation 2 games, I had no one to discuss with and thus I ended up satisfying that need through The Martian Oddity.

tumblr_nfa4e2EGSK1u3lszho1_500pixelpolygon at tumblr.com

Where does the name The Martian Oddity come from? I started to use this in forums whenever my old go-to username MacGyver (a very common username by the way) was used and I even had a Deviantart account named Martian Oddity that I erased after disliking the community at the time. I think that was in the best interest of everybody as my art skills weren’t that good to begin with back then. When starting a blog I thought that the name was fitting for something I’d make and even though it said nothing about what the blog would turn out to be, it really was an assortment of vastly different themes until I found my main focus; video games. I don’t think I’d realized what big part of me they were until then.

With it came buying video games. I started out like most men that are realizing they’re mortal- by buying things that are nostalgic to me. After buying games I had as a kid or played a lot over at my friends I went on to buying other games that seemed interesting to me. After a while I bought anything that seemed interesting and that’s when I wrote about having a problem with over-consuming. And after reading a particular blog post I decided to not buy any games at all this year, that is 2016! Wish me good luck.


vgjunk at tumblr.com

As of lately I’ve felt that there no longer is a need for me to update this blog. I don’t get any pleasure in doing so since a month or so and it’s the first time since I’ve started this blog. Sure, I’ve had writers block and all before, but not this sensation. It seems as if I’ve done what I can with The Martian Oddity and it’s time for me to move on. So I decided to say my goodbyes and thank my 271 followers (of which 10 or so surely are trying to promote their vastly differently themed blogs). With this 450th post, I would like to close these doors.


So thank you for these years! It’s been awesome and I hope you’ll keep on gaming!



The Killing Wario- from teefury.com