I like voice acting

I really like voice acting. It’s one of those things I really can enjoy, and I can perform it whenever I want.

If I’m alone, that is.

Voice acting requires skills, and takes a lot of training- much like those for singing and holding speechs (use the stomach, practise to reach new tones etc.). I’d like to sing but I’m not into it because of the same reason that I’m not into voice acting.

I’m kind of the person who detests to hear my own voice played up to me. Because the fact is that you always hear your voice deeper than it actually is. I remember the day that I realized that fact; it was during speech training (because of a presumed mumble of mine).

I was told to read up a poem and put my feelings into it. Alright, it felt great, or so I thought. When the assistant played up my masterpiece I got stunned. I sounded so fair-voiced and wimpy, in my own opinion. And what I’d experienced being a very well reading of the poem was actually, in my own mind at least, wimpy. Talk about an American Idol- esque wake-up call, right?

Anyways, that’s the point when I became more self-aware over my voice overall. And since I’ve not improved very much since then (other than in making up new voices) I’m glad I didn’t invest my time in singing, acting and voice acting. Even though I enjoy it quite a lot.

What I need, in my opinion, is a silent space where I can work without being disturbed and without anyone hearing me. And that’s pretty much what you require, at the bare minimum, when you’re starting voice acting.

This isn’t a big concern of mine as I don’t intend to pursue it as a future career, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s fun after all.

My favourite voices to make are Krang (from TMNT), Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars) and some that I’ve made up from scratch together with my brother (about 6 of them).

And no, you won’t be able to hear them here.

At least not until I get over my voice complex, that is.


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