Drive Angry Sucked

You know the new movie with Nicholas Cage? Where he supposedly drives angry? In frickin’ 3D*?! Well, it sucked.

* Read as “threeee deee”.

I’ll try to make this as “professional” as possible, but try to remember that I’m no professional still.

The movie is all about Nicholas Cage’s character Milton which starts everything off by comically blasting people up.

This keeps on and then other people start to beat each other up and it’s quite comical until right after the climax where the white trash woman-beater says: “Why is everyone beating me up today?!”

Then it goes downhill very fast. The movie wasn’t even good to begin with, and Nicholas Cage reminded me of why I don’t watch movies which he stars in; he can’t act. Or more like, he doesn’t need to act. He can do a Seagal and get away with it. The only movie where he’s superb and is still acting well is Face Off (man, is that movie great). Billy Burke was good but his character was very weird. And the female protagonist was good too, but a little too… eccentric? Ok, maybe it was only Nicholas Cage that didn’t act well. The others couldn’t help the nature of their characters.

The plot is ridiculous and everything looks weird. Maybe because the producers wanted to cash in through the 3D effects. Probably they expected that the effects would take attention away from everything that the movie lacked.

I’m sorry everyone who put their time and souls into this movie, but I didn’t like it. If you still think it sounds amazing and want to watch it then go ahead. There are lots of violence, satanic cults, immortality and limping dudes there to watch. If you’re into that, that is.

This didn’t turn out professional at all.

3 thoughts on “Drive Angry Sucked

  1. I think that you were deceived by the 3D promise and thus failed to notice both the genre and the type of movie.
    Nicholas Cage can act (see Face Off), but the problem here is that his character is intentionally emotionless to the point that it gets dumb. He is the typical Slayer in this movie. Kill without emotion.
    BUT. You should stay away from the following movies: Machete, Quentin Tarantino’s movies ect. They are all about pretty much the same thing; people dying in ridiculous settings.
    I’d say that not all movies are meant to be watched in 3D, and this is one of them.
    If you are all for speedy action and nil story, movies like these are okay. It’s in no way a bad production, it’s just that this movie is aimed at a different audience.
    It’s one thing to bash something as actually being badly produced, but it seems that it wasn’t your cup of tea to be frank, and to dismiss the movie because of that is a bit unfair.


    • I didn’t expect any 3D as I watched it on a normal screen though…

      I mentioned his role in Face Off, and credited him for a great role. Since then he’s been casted in roles where he doesn’t need to act, and that’s the problem which affects this movie.
      I don’t think this movie was balanced enough, even for being a speedy and not focused on the story, and I don’t think what story existed was enough to balance a movie on. This is, in my opinion, just the kind of movie I can’t stand. It’s in the league of Watchmen (the only difference is that Watchmen had a poor but sturdy storyline).
      I bashed it because I didn’t like it, but if you look at the last part of my review you can see that I didn’t tell people to disregard it altogether, especially if they end up being a fan of movies like this one. And since I’m stating my (un)professional opinion on the film I hardly would call it unfair. I’m just expressing my own view on the movie, and it wasn’t pretty. And that pretty much means that it wasn’t my cup of tea- and also that one should stay away if one doesn’t stand this genre.

      After all that I’d still say that this was a poor production, in my movie-watching experience, and that they could do a better job with both the script and the directing.


      • this movie was just over the top crap. i mean killing 10 people while screwing some chick who looked like she was having the time of her life not noticing the shooting then to tell the cops he killed them while f***ing her. really? are you kidding me? i mean dont get me wrong i like hot chicks who get naked but there was so much un-neccessary nudity that was so outta place. like the whole seance thing in which 4 were naked dancing crazy then all the sudden gone when he gets there to start shooting. there was no storyline for the most part. just shoot shoot blow stuff up have naked women and call it a day was pretty much the movie. i want my 104 minutes of life back after suffering through this that they called a movie. horrible acting. william fitchner was about the only decent acting in the movie.


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