The Human Equivalent of Peter Griffin Found

At least that’s what comes to looks and not brains and accomplishments.

Click the link for a picture of the Polish man that can claim (boast?) his likeness with the ever so popular fictive character.

Read more, will ya?


Cream cheese weirdos

One morning I was eating my cream cheese, on a slice of bread, as usual. Then I decided to look at the package which it came in and what I saw really surprised me.

The person who had put the cream cheese on the slice had done it in a very beautiful way. First it was the slice, then a leaf of lettuce, then cream cheese, some herbal greenie thingy and a slice of a radish…


Wait, what the hell?!


Who puts the cream cheese on the lettuce instead of directly on the bread?

What kind of freaks are there who walk round among us and who are capable of doing such a strange and far out despicable thing like this?


This is an abomination!