The Human Equivalent of Peter Griffin Found

At least that’s what comes to looks and not brains and accomplishments.

Click the link for a picture of the Polish man that can claim (boast?) his likeness with the ever so popular fictive character.

This is Wojciech Mann, or also known as Rock Mann, and he’s among others a musician and an author. The picture depicts the cover of one of his book(s).

I don’t know much else, Googling didn’t help me that much, I guess the Polish don’t like the world to know about their talented people? There wasn’t even an English entry in Wikipedia (but there was a Polish one which you could translate or read if you’re Polish yourself).

I do not wish to offend Mr. Mann with this post. But his resemblance with Peter Griffin, in this picture at least (and as it turns out only in this picture), is uncanny. I guess the photographer captured an otherwise not so usual look of the man since he doesn’t look like Peter Griffin in other photos of him after all.


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