In Time – Did they try to save time

Recently, being the movie junkie I am, I decided to give the movie In Time a chance. You know, the one with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in it.

Read more to find out what I thought about it.

To start with the most important of aspects of a movie: The acting.

The acting from all parts was solid and the main characters were believable. The only character I thought was a little bit borderline believable was Philippe Weis (Vincent Kartheiser) but I assume his character is meant to be “washed out” so to say, since he, after all, has lived for a very long time (80+ years) but still looks like 25, with a suffocating personality and strict composture. I assume that I don’t have anyone to compare with in this world which lives in the same conditions, which might be what makes the character less believable.

The plot was very promising in the beginning with a very compelling story. In the future you pay everything in time. From your 25th birthday and onwards you have to pay in  time to live. You work for time and you pay in time. One days blue collar work gives you roughly 1 day to live and then you have to struggle to pay the rent and food bills. Do you want a fancy car? Then you’ll have to pay 65 years. Plus tax.

There are time zones, basically the ghetto who feeds the rich mans city complex (which is New Greenwitch). To leave the ghetto you’ll have to pay 1 year, and then everything in Greenwitch is much more expensive too (like 4 months for a nights stay in a hotel) so what’s the point of trying to escape?

In the ghetto you live from day to day and will die any minute as soon as your “money” runs out. Instant death. And it’s not uncommon to see people laying on the streets dead. In Greenwitch you’re loaded with time and there are people who have the means to live for centuries, no, even millenia or millions of years.

One day Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) loses his mother (which eerily looks to be of the same age as him) to the time system (her time tuns out, literally) and after meeting a man with a century on his hands, saving him and recieving that time as a gift, he embarks on a journey to collapse the system and to bring justice to all the people in the world (much like his own father did). He takes a cab to Greenwitch and there he meets millionaire daughter Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) and in an attempt to escape the Time Keepers (“financial” cops working to balance the time flow and who catch time robbers) he kidnaps her and she willingly follows him and helps him in his plans.

The making of the movie In Time

One bothering thing about the world of the movie is that everyone looks 25 (in a family it’s impossible to see who’s the grandmother, mother or daughter, for example) and thus it puts a twist to reality. Even through everyone is supposed to be 25 they surely don’t look like it (Will Salas looks like 35, his mother like 40 etc.) bar a few actors, but that’s in my opinion only a minor dent in the framework of the movie.

The plot also develops very well in the beginning just to sift through the sand anticlimatically.  There’s no real climax which would give you chills and leave you awed at the end of the movie. Instead it leaves one with a confused look and a feeling of “betrayal” why the expected ending didn’t take place. This might in part be the fault of misconceptions about the ending by the viewer (that’d be me).

The movie seems to draw threads between the time system and the money system we have today. Maybe it’s some kind of critisism of the monetary financial system we have today. That’s probably why the ending is what it is, if you compare the two systems. The only difference is that you can have a plethora of different financial statuses in our world while in In Time you’re either poor as a rat or loaded like a machine gun.


Even though the movie is worthwhile to watch I’d say that it should be reserved to when you have nothing else in your wishlist of movies to watch. It’s not bad, but it leaves you longing for more, and fails to competely satisfy your movie junkie desires.

If you have doubts then leave it so that you can watch it In Time of boredom.


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