Here’s a little something for you

I will write more Top 10 lists and game reviews soon, but meanwhile I will have to feed you something else.

Something like this:

Why, oh, why is he calling for Mario when it’s evident that he is Mario himself?! Does he have a slight case of dementia or amnesia or something?!

I don’t understand it at all! Sure, they refer to the actor as Luigi, but he still looks more like a Mario than a Luigi in my opinion.

And here’s a news story on Nintendo and the Mario Bros., but I can’t help to feel that it’s a commercial, not news.



I have been inactive for a while but here’s something to show you that not only am I alive, but it’s worth checking this site up every day for something new nevertheless!


My Own Video Game Art

It’s Hitmonchan, one of my favourites from the first Pokémon games. For now this is all I’ll post as I’ll have to mark/watermark the others as mine too.

Don’t steal, copy or claim it as your own. This drawing is copyrighted under me. If you want to link to this or use it in a kind of promotional way then please give me credit and tell me that you’ve done so. 🙂

More from Oskunk

He’s so talented! Lookie here in his Flickr page:


Here’s the link:


He’s seriously talented. Here are my other faves, please take a gander:

A Dr. Robotnik Sega… this one is so badass!

Bringing the feel and cool of Starwing to the console. I love this one, and I haven’t even played the game.

It takes serious skill to craft such a nice artwork as this one. It’s Samba Del Amigo on a Dreamcast. So vibrant and pretty!

A Super Famicom with the Japanese Ryu on it saying something in Japanese I think. That’s rad

A Super Famicom, I presume, with the even cooler American Ken on it. Prettyyyy woooork….

A very rad NES with Michaelangelo on it!

A very awesome Gameboy with a design that will make all games on it fade in comparision.

A Tetris-inspired Gameboy which droops of cuteness.

And last but not least my favourite of them all:

He also makes other artwork on canvas and such. Now go visit his Flickr!

Some news about the layout of the blog

“What the hell does he mean?! Everything looks the goddamn same!!”

Wasn’t that what you just thought? Was I spot on? No?

In that case you might have noticed that there are new buttons to click just beneath the title of this blog, a “Home symbol”, “Video Games”, “Movies”, “Rants”, “Uncategorized” and “About”.

As I removed the side bar to hide the cluttered mess called Tags and Random Posts and all that came with it you couldn’t get a chance to browse this blog  by Category or through the Archive anymore. So I added these small buttons for your convenience. No need to thank me ladies and gentlemen.

Why did I do this? Because I have to pay to be able to freely move or delete some of the content of those bars. And I’m doing this in a non-profit kind of way so I don’t want to pay for anything that should be free (but it’s an ingenious business move, I give WordPress that). Besides, in any kind of way this layout looks neater. And more awesome.

What do you think? Do you like the new buttons? Have you used them yet?

Picture from

Gargoyle’s Quest

I’m playing Gargoyle’s Quest for the Gameboy at the moment and man is it challenging and fun. But challenging nontheless!

I wanted to note something about the cover art:

Just look at his stupid grin and thick eyebrows. Granted, I would be scared of any monster that looked like this one in real life, but as a drawing that’s meant to draw a gamer audience towards it, in some ways like poop draws forth flies, it fails in my opinion.

You might think I’m too harsh against the cover art but the truth is that I compare Firebrand (yes that’s his main name outside of Japan where his name is Red Arremer) on this boxart to what he should look like:

This is the awesome boxart for the second installment in the series: Gargoyle’s Quest II (also starring Firebrand on the cover). He’s supposed to be red. And frightening.

And here’s some more “substance” to my opinion from

At most he’s yellow-ish, or maybe orange/gold or something in that line, but mostly centred around the color red. Not green.

And in the Gameboy game his sprite is even gray which would’ve been even more terrifying a color than green and Firebrand doesn’t even look as goofy as his cover art does in that game. I can’t see the thick eyebrows, huge staring eyes and the goofy smile on this sprite. I mean, just look how badass he looks in SNK VS. Capcom: Chaos! Man is he cool! And scary. Really scary.

They didn’t have a reason to make him green, as it wasn’t his debut game (but maybe tried to make him look like less of a demon to not scare off kids), since he was already red in the first Ghost N’ Goblins game (which I reeeeally dislike by the way!).

And here’s another badass picture in which this Firebrand looks like it could kick that Firebrands’ ass. I’m very sorry but I don’t remember where I got this picture from.

And last but not least an advert from which manages to look even more badass than the game cover which it presents in the same advert: