A short message from your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man

If you like it, comment on it!

And if you don’t like it, comment on it anyways!

Comments keep my posts flowing and man are they scarce!

I don’t mean to say that everyone should read my posts but I would like it if those who did actually left their mark.

Please take your time to comment so that I can get something back for what I’ve given you, whether it’s sadness, joy, anger or anything in between or out of the ordinary.

“A writer without feedback isn’t much of a writer after all.” – The Martian Oddity


4 thoughts on “A short message from your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man

  1. Generally when it comes to the blogosphere, the replies to a post are pretty much not the same as the views.
    The problem could be that your blog is either hard to find, or that it’s buried with other millions of blogs out there.
    A tip is that you join some discussion forums (gaming and anime/manga since they are your audience) and put the link into your blog into your signature, and be active there.
    To become big enough to yield a big enough amount of readers takes a lot of hard work or even luck.
    But getting your blog out there and making people to actually find it is your first task.
    If you don’t have links of it out there on the Internet, the chance that people will find it is slim.
    Try checking out the gaming subreddit of http://www.reddit.com or other gaming sites and become inspired.


    • I don’t want many readers, I want those who do read to actually comment. In January when I published one of my posts I got 5 reads and no replies. Let’s assume that one of them was myself, then 4 readers didn’t bother to give feedback.


  2. Statistically, 5 reads and no replies is not that much. The average forum thread could have 1000 views and 10 replies. The more controversial, the more replies there is usually.
    I think that with no replies, you could assume that you hit the nail on the head.
    Because, I don’t see anything wrong with your text and you write well.
    If you want, I can put a link to your blog in my sig?


    • You can link to this blog if your want to but don’t feel forced to. I’m not doing any active advertising either so it’s OK if you won’t either. It’s up to you if you enjoy this blog so much that you want to link to it, I’d see it as a great compliment on my work 🙂


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