My Japanese Kirby’s Dream Land 2 acts up

My Japanese copy of Kirby’s Dream Land 2 acts up and freezes when I press Up on the directional pad and… and I’m not really sure what more.

I have the following information so far:

  • Holding the Up button while in a semi-boss or level boss battle freezes the game
  • Pressing Up twice freezes the game
  • Holding Up and pressing the A or B button too soon makes the game freeze
  • Most of the events occur during semi-boss or level boss battles
  • Also occurs when you’re doing that cloud jump at the end of each level

Obviously my copy of the game doesn’t like the Up button. I haven’t found any information about this in other sites (I haven’t made an extensive search though). I just took out and put in the game again into the Gameboy Coloe and now the bug has dissappeared.

For now.

Image from

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