My List of Top 10 Most Difficult Games

In line with the Legend Of Zelda article I wrote a short time ago I have decided to make a Top 10 list of the most difficult games that I’ve played so far (“please God, no, not another one of those!”).

These are games that are so difficult that I can’t beat one or more levels in the game which makes me unable to beat them. Now let’s get on with this non-comprehensive list:

 Read more, will ya?#10 James Bond 007: Nightfire [Gamecube]

First of all shoot-em-ups tend to be a little bit harder on consoles, at least in my opinion, even if they have automatic aim bots. The level which gave this game a place in this list is the one where all snipers are shooting at you from a long range and you can’t see them no matter how hard you try. That level, which I never have completed, makes me very frustrated.

#09 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Lockdown [Gamecube]

There’s a level where you have to guard some VIPs or something which I can’t manage to clear no matter what I do- I’ve tried walkthroughs, tips… nothing works. Basically they’re trying to enter a building and you’ll have to protect them against a lot of bad guys who never seem to give up. If you can’t cover every pixel on the screen then they’ll get killed and you’ll ultimately lose.

#08 Mega Man [Gameboy]

I can’t defeat Wily at the end of his level no matter how hard I try. And that’s very unsatisfactory! I use all my weapons and nothing seems to work, and with the Mega Buster I can’t even put a dent in his machines. If I recall correctly I’ve managed to defeat the first robot but not the second one, even if I’ve collected all Energy Tanks (or used a code to reach the last level with the maximum amount of them). The game itself is overall very difficult, especially Ice Man’s stage.

#07 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [NES]

I can get past The Dam, undoubtely one of the more difficult levels in video game history (or at least probably one of the most memorable ones) but that’s only with great difficulty and stress. Then I have to get past the next stage which I haven’t been able to do. The turtles are so frail…

#06 Contra [NES]

I can’t get past the second stage. Plik plik plik plik *dead*. Even with the Contra Code. Even with the Contra Code I fail all the time.

#05 Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker [NDS]

I can’t get past the first opponent in the final tournament. Also the last island kicked my monsters’ asses over and over again which might be the cause behind why I can’t win the last tournament. Also the white wolf that accompanies you is weak as hell.

#04 Super Metroid [SNES]

This game is overall a very hard one which I have a hard time finishing. Either I die or I am too creeped out to dare to proceed.

#03 Battletoads [NES]

I can’t get past the 2nd stage most of the time, but when I do the racing level proceeds to kick my ass. This game is notorious for its high level of difficulty.

#02 Ghosts and Goblins [NES]

I die all the time and have only twice made it past the first level and after that I meet a brick wall. Why can you only take 2 hits? And why does the music suck so much balls?

#01 R-type DX [Gameboy]

I can’t get past the second level no matter how hard I try. It’s such a notoriously difficult game. I usually lose all my lives in the first 30 seconds of the game and then I’ll see the Game Over screen again.

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