Pokémon Prototype – Capsule Monsters

I found the prototype, or concept if you will, of the first Pokémon game a while ago in Bulbapedia.

Instead of being a leech I’ll link you to the page:


Capsule Monsters – by Bulbapedia


My favourite concept drawing of the game is this one:

It depicts Red (the player character), with an early version of Rhydon with him, exploring a cave which contains a hatching unnamed prototype Pokémon that has never been seen anywhere else but in this picture.

In my opinion this picture catches the exploring and adventure feel of the first six games the most.

2 thoughts on “Pokémon Prototype – Capsule Monsters

    • Yeah! I’d love some of these concept designs to see the light of day in the new games… instead they focus on the new generation and pump out monstrosities (literally).
      I just found out about this concept recently too.


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