Dear Playstation One

Dear Playstation One,

you looked like a lot of fun.

But then I felt that my head was exploding,

because of the long time you took loading.

The 3D games looked pretty alright,

but the N64 looked a wee bit more tight.

Your controller had a thumb-numbing feel,

like trying to press on buttons of steel,

but the N64 did that much better still,

it had the joystick from the beginning and it’s buttons couldn’t kill.


Dear Playstation One,

your game library contains a ton.

An abundance of titles made for your pleasure,

but among those only a few worth to treasure.

Quantity over quality is in your case a fact,

so put down that transparent act,

because most gamers knew that most games were floppy,

they bought the system so that they could them copy.

Everyone knows this and acknowledge it,

it’s like looking for diamonds in a piece of shit.


Dear Playstation One,

you have the gamers’ hearts won.

You were successfull and gave us much jolly,

put the N64 through a serious volley,

but everyone knows that it’s true,

that the inferior one overall was you.

But thank you for being there creating gamers anew,

you gave us a lot of games, of which survived only a few.

Because whenever one became angry over a game,

one scratched the CD to something rough because it was so lame.


– The Martian Oddity


Hey, don’t get angry, this was just for fun. I really like the PS1 and think that it’s a great and revolutionary system without which the video game industry wouldn’t be as great as it is today.

I wrote this tongue in cheek in a kind of loving way. But I still am a N64 fanboy nontheless, don’t forget it!


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