More concept art from Capsule Monsters

I just can’t let the concept art go. I found these high resolution pictures from the forums of Unseen64.

Unseen64 is a cool site which I recommend for gamers like me who like to find out  about hidden stuff in games and such.

The people of Unseen 64 originally scanned the pictures from a book about the serie’s creator Satoshi Tajiri and his company GameFreak (the developers of the Pokémon games).

These drawings are just so appealing in nature and are drawn in a style that I really like, so here we go.

First we have a coloring of my favourite drawing of them all:


Next picture:

In the upper part of the picture below we have a trainer and an early Slowbro battling a whip-crackin’ trainer with what looks like a Ghastly (but I read from somewhere that it’s supposed to be an early Koffing). Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese to confirm anything of this.

The lower part shows a battle between an early tackling (?) Staryu missing its part around the core and an early Blastoise missing its water cannons.

I promise to leave this prototype alone now. Well, at least until there’s unveiled something even more awesome than this…


Here’s the link to Unseen64:

2 thoughts on “More concept art from Capsule Monsters

  1. OMG, if they included that whip in the game it wouldn’t be that child-friendly wouldn’t it? Tail whip would have a whole new meaning.

    FIGHT –> SOLARBEAM –> “Bulbasaur (lvl 50, you have only got the Cerulean badge) doesn’t want to obey!”
    “ASH used WHIP!”

    “ASH used WHIP!”
    “BULBASAUR doesn’t RESPOND!”
    “ASH used ANGERED WHIP!”


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