Gargoyle’s Quest

I’m playing Gargoyle’s Quest for the Gameboy at the moment and man is it challenging and fun. But challenging nontheless!

I wanted to note something about the cover art:

Just look at his stupid grin and thick eyebrows. Granted, I would be scared of any monster that looked like this one in real life, but as a drawing that’s meant to draw a gamer audience towards it, in some ways like poop draws forth flies, it fails in my opinion.

You might think I’m too harsh against the cover art but the truth is that I compare Firebrand (yes that’s his main name outside of Japan where his name is Red Arremer) on this boxart to what he should look like:

This is the awesome boxart for the second installment in the series: Gargoyle’s Quest II (also starring Firebrand on the cover). He’s supposed to be red. And frightening.

And here’s some more “substance” to my opinion from

At most he’s yellow-ish, or maybe orange/gold or something in that line, but mostly centred around the color red. Not green.

And in the Gameboy game his sprite is even gray which would’ve been even more terrifying a color than green and Firebrand doesn’t even look as goofy as his cover art does in that game. I can’t see the thick eyebrows, huge staring eyes and the goofy smile on this sprite. I mean, just look how badass he looks in SNK VS. Capcom: Chaos! Man is he cool! And scary. Really scary.

They didn’t have a reason to make him green, as it wasn’t his debut game (but maybe tried to make him look like less of a demon to not scare off kids), since he was already red in the first Ghost N’ Goblins game (which I reeeeally dislike by the way!).

And here’s another badass picture in which this Firebrand looks like it could kick that Firebrands’ ass. I’m very sorry but I don’t remember where I got this picture from.

And last but not least an advert from which manages to look even more badass than the game cover which it presents in the same advert:


4 thoughts on “Gargoyle’s Quest

  1. Yeah right “graphics so real you’ll forget it’s only a game”. I wouldn’t get confused even when I was a kid. Hiyaa!


  2. It has been years sing I played gargoyle’s Quest on the Game Boy, but wasn’t there actually a plot point in that game where Firebrand’s skin became red? I seem to recall that. It seems weird that they’d include something like that in a grayscale game, but I want to say that’s right. I don’t remember being confused when he was red instead of green in the sequels. Maybe I’m wrong, since he’s red in his earlier appearances…but then again, is that technically Firebrand?


    • That’s interesting! Wikipedia says: “On the US and European box art, the game’s character Firebrand is depicted as having green skin. He is actually red with silver and purple wings.”. But you might very well be correct. I’ll try to finish the game and see if that’s the case, that’d explain a lot! 🙂


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