Awesome French custom video game systems

I’d like to link you to an article from


The link to the original article:


The French artist is named Oskunk. O- skunk. Skunk. Hmm…

Here’s two of his mods which I liked the most:



2 thoughts on “Awesome French custom video game systems

  1. That Legend of Zelda Gameboy is simply beautiful.
    And I liked that you added the Gameboy that was damaged in the Gulf War too. It’s both looking awesome, and it’s also a living memory how electronics once in the days could survive bomb blasts! Nintendo at their best!


    • Yeah! And if you drop a DS to the floor chances are high that it’ll break, but a Gameboy can survive a bomb blast. You’re correct! 😀 I liked that Gameboy a lot. Oskunk is a great artist.


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