More from Oskunk

He’s so talented! Lookie here in his Flickr page:


Here’s the link:


He’s seriously talented. Here are my other faves, please take a gander:

A Dr. Robotnik Sega… this one is so badass!

Bringing the feel and cool of Starwing to the console. I love this one, and I haven’t even played the game.

It takes serious skill to craft such a nice artwork as this one. It’s Samba Del Amigo on a Dreamcast. So vibrant and pretty!

A Super Famicom with the Japanese Ryu on it saying something in Japanese I think. That’s rad

A Super Famicom, I presume, with the even cooler American Ken on it. Prettyyyy woooork….

A very rad NES with Michaelangelo on it!

A very awesome Gameboy with a design that will make all games on it fade in comparision.

A Tetris-inspired Gameboy which droops of cuteness.

And last but not least my favourite of them all:

He also makes other artwork on canvas and such. Now go visit his Flickr!


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