More concept art from Capsule Monsters

I just can’t let the concept art go. I found these high resolution pictures from the forums of Unseen64.

Unseen64 is a cool site which I recommend for gamers like me who like to find out  about hidden stuff in games and such.

The people of Unseen 64 originally scanned the pictures from a book about the serie’s creator Satoshi Tajiri and his company GameFreak (the developers of the Pokémon games).

These drawings are just so appealing in nature and are drawn in a style that I really like, so here we go.

First we have a coloring of my favourite drawing of them all:


Next picture:

In the upper part of the picture below we have a trainer and an early Slowbro battling a whip-crackin’ trainer with what looks like a Ghastly (but I read from somewhere that it’s supposed to be an early Koffing). Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese to confirm anything of this.

The lower part shows a battle between an early tackling (?) Staryu missing its part around the core and an early Blastoise missing its water cannons.

I promise to leave this prototype alone now. Well, at least until there’s unveiled something even more awesome than this…


Here’s the link to Unseen64:


Dear Playstation One

Dear Playstation One,

you looked like a lot of fun.

But then I felt that my head was exploding,

because of the long time you took loading.

The 3D games looked pretty alright,

but the N64 looked a wee bit more tight.

Your controller had a thumb-numbing feel,

like trying to press on buttons of steel,

but the N64 did that much better still,

it had the joystick from the beginning and it’s buttons couldn’t kill.


Dear Playstation One,

your game library contains a ton.

An abundance of titles made for your pleasure,

but among those only a few worth to treasure.

Quantity over quality is in your case a fact,

so put down that transparent act,

because most gamers knew that most games were floppy,

they bought the system so that they could them copy.

Everyone knows this and acknowledge it,

it’s like looking for diamonds in a piece of shit.


Dear Playstation One,

you have the gamers’ hearts won.

You were successfull and gave us much jolly,

put the N64 through a serious volley,

but everyone knows that it’s true,

that the inferior one overall was you.

But thank you for being there creating gamers anew,

you gave us a lot of games, of which survived only a few.

Because whenever one became angry over a game,

one scratched the CD to something rough because it was so lame.


– The Martian Oddity


Hey, don’t get angry, this was just for fun. I really like the PS1 and think that it’s a great and revolutionary system without which the video game industry wouldn’t be as great as it is today.

I wrote this tongue in cheek in a kind of loving way. But I still am a N64 fanboy nontheless, don’t forget it!

Kirby’s Dream Land 2


After having played Kirby’s Dream Land 2 I can very well understand why gamers chose it before the first Kirby’s Dream Land. It plays better, it looks better and it’s much more fun. Oh, and you can save your game with the game’s built in auto save feature.

I give this game the place that I gave the first Kirby’s Dream Land game. This one is just so much better and plays much like Kirby’s Adventure for the NES (which paradoxially didn’t get a seat in my Top 10 NES list, but that must’ve been because I forgot about it).

#06:  Kirby’s Dream Land 2

King Dedede is at it again and you’re on your quest to beat him up and save everyone from his mischievius hands. Also his henchmen are goin’ around kidnappin’ your three furry/feathery/slimy friends and that really pisses you off. From time to time you’ll have to save them from their sacks of misery and they’ll help you by letting you ride them (making them your upgraded weapon system and live animal shield).

Graphics: 10/10

This game looks great for a monochrome Gameboy game, but to be honest I play it on a Gameboy Color system which gives it a lot more life. The sprites don’t look cramped and the game reeks of a look that yells “this is a fun game!”.

Sounds & Music: 9/10

Some tracks are imported from the first game and some are new and specific for the levels. But if you ride your animal friends their own soundtrack will replace the level’s track no matter where you go. The only place where their soundrack won’t be heard is in the boss battles.

Gameplay: 10/10

You control Kirby in very much the same way as in the first game only this time it feels smoother and the level designs are better to match both his old and new powers. If an enemy has a specific power you can absorb it by pressing down on the directional pad after having sucked them in. This alone is a great reason alone to rate this game as being better than the first but that’s not all:

You can ride a fish, a hamster and an owl (Kine, Rick and Coo, with Coo being the one that is overall the best one) and they not only upgrade your powers but also act as your own personal shield and add a full health bar of their own for you to “use”.

The only gripe I have with this game is those irritating and insane levels where a current or wind catches you and pulls you to certain death. If you have the fish or the owl, respectively, they get easier a bit but not by much. Aarrgh! Why did they have to do a level where it’s super hard to control your direction as a means to add to the difficulty?! Was that really neccessary?!

Your furry animal friends Rick, Coo and… and…Kine? More like Rick, Coo and Magikarp! It’s just as useless!

Replay value: 10/10

The game is very fun to replay over and over again and is a great game to just pick up and play any time. And since you have three save games you can do so without feeling sorry to have overwritten your hard worked progress. And gearing towards completing the game to 100% (your completion level is written next to the game file in percentage) always draws you back, even though finding the Rainbow Pieces, that are needed to unlock the true final boss, can be very challenging and requires not only skill but also a wee bit of luck.


Kine…? Couldn’t they have westernized that name as well? What does it even mean, by the way?

First pic from

Second pic from

Pokémon Prototype – Capsule Monsters

I found the prototype, or concept if you will, of the first Pokémon game a while ago in Bulbapedia.

Instead of being a leech I’ll link you to the page:


Capsule Monsters – by Bulbapedia


My favourite concept drawing of the game is this one:

It depicts Red (the player character), with an early version of Rhydon with him, exploring a cave which contains a hatching unnamed prototype Pokémon that has never been seen anywhere else but in this picture.

In my opinion this picture catches the exploring and adventure feel of the first six games the most.

My List of Top 10 Most Difficult Games

In line with the Legend Of Zelda article I wrote a short time ago I have decided to make a Top 10 list of the most difficult games that I’ve played so far (“please God, no, not another one of those!”).

These are games that are so difficult that I can’t beat one or more levels in the game which makes me unable to beat them. Now let’s get on with this non-comprehensive list:

Read more, will ya?

My list of Top 10 Super Nintendo Entertainment System games

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES in short, is an incredibly difficult system to make a top 10 list for. Especially when it comes to replay value!

But stubborn as I am I will take that challenge just to show you my favourites and to maybe give you inspirations on games to play.

Please remember that I haven’t played many of the usual Top 10 games on the SNES or any other system either to begin with.

Now let’s get started with Number 10…

Read more, will ya?

My Japanese Kirby’s Dream Land 2 acts up

My Japanese copy of Kirby’s Dream Land 2 acts up and freezes when I press Up on the directional pad and… and I’m not really sure what more.

I have the following information so far:

  • Holding the Up button while in a semi-boss or level boss battle freezes the game
  • Pressing Up twice freezes the game
  • Holding Up and pressing the A or B button too soon makes the game freeze
  • Most of the events occur during semi-boss or level boss battles
  • Also occurs when you’re doing that cloud jump at the end of each level

Obviously my copy of the game doesn’t like the Up button. I haven’t found any information about this in other sites (I haven’t made an extensive search though). I just took out and put in the game again into the Gameboy Coloe and now the bug has dissappeared.

For now.

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