Unlikely Versus No. 3

This time we’ll take a look on how a brawl between two of our favourite cartoon bears would turn out. Which bears? Well Humphrey the Bear and Yogi Bear of course!

Wait, what?!

Their shared background:

They’re both bears who are trying to live the life stealing food from visitors and finding great shelters where they can chill, and they both live in a national park and are trying to avoid its Ranger.

Their strengths:

Humphrey, being a real-size bear, is allegedly very strong. He’s huge.

Yogi, on the other hand, is “smarter than the average bear” and has intelligence on his side.

Their weaknesses:

Humphrey isn’t the smartest one among the bears, but still smarter than the average bear. He’s also neurotic and will “fend” himself off stressful situations by running in place with his feet moving in all directions. He can’t speak either but grunts as a means of communication.

Yogi seems to have a weak physique and, although stronger than the average human, I have a hard time seeing him fighting off a full-size bear.


The fight would’ve started off with a worried Humphrey panicking over the thought of having to fight another bear. Yogi would use his superior intellect to try to defeat Humphrey but as usual his plans wouldn’t work out as he always overestimates his own intellect. This would mean that Humphrey, fuelled by his somwhat superior will to live, would find an opening to smack the threat in front of him into oblivion and defeat him for good. As Yogi is “just a bear” he’d be able to stay and seek shelter and food in his own park, not having to fear being put down as he’d have to if he’d crushed his own park’s Ranger, and live life to its fullest.

Humphrey is the winner!

Now what do you think?

Any suggestions of Unlikely Versus’ you’d like to see?

Images from: manhattaninfidel.com and http://www.drawntoillusion.com/Postings%202010/A%20Bear%20Named%20Humphrey.html

Game Hunting: Returning Empty-Handed

During my unplanned trip I decided to check out the local re-sellers of used video games to see if I was lucky enough to find a great game for a very nice price.

15 dollars? Uuum… no thanks!

I’d heard from a friend that there should be three of them along the same street north of the city I visited. One would be part of a chain of stores (which I already knew rocked), another would be a stand-alone store and the last should “have an Indian standing behind the counter”. My reply: “An Indian? As in Native American? Noooo!” I didn’t think much of it and decided to visit the strip anyways.

First store on the strip was simply a used records store with a small assortment of used DVDs and VHS’. I think they had books themed around music as well. Anyhow, I didn’t see any signs of there being any used games and since the store and the clerk looked kind of old (like from the 60’s), and not so “modern” and “friendly”, I decided to escape before he’d be able to spot me and ask if I needed some help and then laugh at me for asking for something as unsophisticated as video games.

No video games? Bye bye!

The second store was named “Inca” and looked like a mix between a horror shop and an adult-themed shop (you know what I mean with “adult-themed shop”, don’t play innocent). I walked around  seeing a lot of books which interested me, but no games, especially a few copies of “Best Of ” comic books starring Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck.

The main room had a large table in the middle and also had a lot of bookshelves aligned along the walls. This lead to a very limited space to turn around in and I had to strafe sideways as I explored the shelves. There weren’t any interesting books until I faced the comics, and as I lowered my gaze (they were positioned up high on the top shelves) I found myself gawking at a collection of porno VHS’s. I managed to turn around quickly without hitting anything (I didn’t want anyone to think that I’m a pervert) and made my way to the cash desk and lo and behold! The Indian, an Inca presumably, was standing behind the desk! That was wickedly awesome to see.

He didn’t dress like this.

He asked me if I needed any assistance, in a kind of gloomy and disinterested tone, and I asked him where they had the used video games. Just as I asked this I saw that they’d been in front of the cash desk all the time. He only had PS2 and XBox games though, and since I have all the PS2 games that I want and don’t own a Xbox I asked for some other games. “If you want OLD games they’re in the small box on that shelf” he said pointing to a small carboard box which I eagerly put on the desk for inspection.

Sure, he had a few good games for decent prices, but I had most of the interesting ones already. He had Golf, Tennis and Slalom for the NES which interested me a little bit just because of the collector’s value but since they were loose carts only and I didn’t want the games for 8 dollars a piece I left them in the box o’ games. The prices are great for where I was, by the way.

He had Mario & Yoshi for the Gameboy as well, but I already owned a copy, and Donkey Kong Land 2. I don’t like that game though. They were sold for 7 and 8 dollars respectively, that’s also great prices for those games.

The last store, the one that was part of a chain, didn’t exist anymore so we visited one of the other ones. As they were closed for lunch we decided to have some too and ended up eating mexican food from heaven. Not only was the food delicious, but the staff was super friendly and the prices great. The serving size was huge and left me full for a good 6-7 hours.

When the store opened we went inside and checked its contents out. Luckily they’d put a curtain between the adults section and the other goodies so I didn’t have to get through another embarassing VHS moment.

They had a few games which interested me but this guy knew his prices. He sold Donkey Kong 3 for 16 dollars, which is a decent price for the copy, but since I realized that I’ll never play it that much and only desired it due to it’s semi-rarity I decided to skip it. It was a loose cart by the way.

The idea of spraying Donkey Kong with bug spray in the butt and simultaneously avoiding enemies doesn’t sound that fun.

He also had a red Gameboy Pocket which looked a little bit scruffy with a few scrathes all over and was missing a battery cover. It only cost 12 dollars but I calculated that it’d cost me about 20 dollars extra to fix it up which means that a mint one without a box would end up around the same price. So I saved myself the hassle and left it where I found it.

Oh, and I also saw a New Super Mario Bros. for 12 dollars for the Nintendo DS, but I didn’t buy it as I prefer to have the cases for my NDS games, and incidentally the NDS is the only system for which I favour buying games with cases over loose carts.

The Retro Games Hunt is over. For now.


Image 1: Ebay.com

Image 2: Antiqueradios.com

Image 3: Wikimedia Commons

Image 4: Brothersoft.com

Sorry, we are not closed

I’ve been inactive due to an unplanned trip but I regret to inform you that I’m still active.

In spirit with this post I will present you an artwork from ry_spirit from Deviantart.com. Don’t be alarmed by the name of the site, though the art can be deviant at times (guys kissing guys, girls kissing girls, pinups, nudity etc.) most of the art is “normal”. Some of it is censored. I think more than just gore and nudity should be but everything can’t be the way I want it to, can’t it!

ry_spirit is a very talented artist. Lookie here for his stuff!


Which flavour do you favour?


I had ketchup but if it was up to me today I’d either choose plain , the usual or ketchup again.


Man does that dude have a problem making up his mind. He’s totally radical nevertheless, just look at his awesome rapper duds.


From: http://www.vintagecomputing.com