Video Game History

Among gamers there’s little else that’s discussed as much as the Great Video Game Crash of 1983.

I found a nice article for you about it that described what happened in a nice way:

IGN article:

Image from:


2 thoughts on “Video Game History

  1. I have always been intrigued by that mythical ATARI landfill and am very much disappointed that they encased everything in cement.
    Why didn’t they just give those consoles and games away? Was it out of shame?
    Why DIDthey encase them in cement? Also out of shame? Didn’t they realize that in time, those pristine condition consoles would be worth a fortune, and also that they would eventually be able to give away free and unscathed copies of E.T. as prizes?
    Or were they just too knowing of their eternal doom and didn’t hope to be able to make a comeback?
    I think that in essence, those factors is what makes the landfill so fascinating. It also serves as a time machine to ATARI’s past.


    • I think it’s a combination of shame and the producers of the past never realizing the value of things that get old. Video games didn’t have the shine that have these days over them.

      I’m also intruiged by that landfill, as you and other fans also are. It’s kind of a gamer mystery in a day when mysteries are stripped bare daily and dissolved in thin air…


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