Metroid: Zero Mission

Recently I’ve played Metroid Zero Mission on Easy mode (and I sure as heck will consider the game beaten when I’ve done it!). So far I’m at Mother Brain who kicked my ass and the knowledge of having 2 minutes to escape the scene afterwards gives me diarrheal tendencies.

Anyhow, we’re not here to discuss my fecal qualities after stressful emotional episodes or anything in that line either. We’re here to discuss what I noticed when I saw Kraid for the first time in the game:

He seems kind of… normal? As he does in the final game? “What’s wrong with you, man?!”

Well, I compared him to this picture which I also saw when the Nintendo magazine I had first showed sneak-peeks on the game:


There. Here ya’ go. He’s a lot uglier here, isn’t he? I even checked up the beta pictures in and found this one there. I knew something odd was up! I like his newer design better though… as should you.

As you might already know Metroid Zero Mission is a remake of the first Metroid game for the NES, hence the “Zero Mission” part in the title. Clever, right? And it also sounds awesome! So they had to go through a few beta stages before they reached their final (as in the first picture) stage.

Here you see one of the supposed first designs (made to look more like the first game) and some say it’s an authenthic clip and some (such as the uploader of the video) are a bit sceptic.

Okay, even I am sceptical about this one but… it looks a little bit too elaborate to be a scam. But then again, most scams are.

Well, I found the video from Unseen64 (the one above too) but it’s a pretty rad thing to look at or theorize around nevertheless.

And if you wondered: This is Kraid in the original game:


 Isn’t he puny? Look at that tiny thing!

He reminds me of Tokka from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze:


No. Metroid.

Pictures in order of appearance:,, (I think it was in the forums or something), the tiny Kraid from and


3 thoughts on “Metroid: Zero Mission

  1. Kraid is simply the result of “double-oozing” someone. Remember how Shredder changed into Super Shredder in TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze? Yep, that’s right.
    The only thing that doesn’t make this work, though, is that Zero Mission is remake of the first game. I don’t know. I definitely has to do with Ooze.


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