Nintendo Store Displays

There’s something I have a real soft spot for… and that’s Nintendo Store Displays.

They simply bring out the nostalgia from my childhood. You know, when one went to the local video game stores and tried out their games over and over again for free. That was great for those of us kids in the block who didn’t get every game they pointed at.

Last time I did this was during breaks in High School when my brother, some friends and I went to the closest store demo unit with a Gamecube and Super Smash Brothers Meelee in it. Good times, good times… eventually my brother and I bought a Gamecube and that game together and that’s a decision we never regretted.

My inspiration for this post comes from this video by the user PenguinNintendoAge:

Aside from the beautiful cases themselves (of which I aspire to own one unit eventually… or at least a sign or something…) the guy in the video is an entertaining guy, up to the point that I first thought that this video was a parody or a newly made fake video to “emulate” an old one, but it seems this is a genuine video from 1992 and that this guy likes his volume really high.

The user l0c4lh0st1 got a Gameboy demo unit, such as the one found in the video above, for free:

Sometimes I just wish I was that lucky guy that got the retro stuff that the local store has in their basements… 😛

The uploader has more stuff too, a N64 demo unit, a PSone store sign and a World of Nintendo fibreoptic sign too:

So pretty….

And here’s the Holy Graal of video game demo systems, the Nintendo M-82:

I chose Gamester81’s review as he has a lot of, and I mean a lot of rare video game systems and collectibles, and I thought that I could link to his channel since his stuff is very interesting to any gamer.

These store display units are rather expensive and it’s not the easiest thing to come over one for a fair price (as John, Gamester81, says they range something around 9000 dollars but fortunately that’s nowhere near what he paid for the unit himself).

The unit can contain up to 12 games at once who can be switched between through pressing a button and the gameplay is time limited which means that if you want to play multiple games you can’t play them for more than 128 minutes each (meaning that games that take longer to beat are a no-no with this machine, at least if you plan to beat them in one sitting).

If I had even the slightest technical skill I would take me on the task of creating an M82 of my own that looks retro but works a bit better still.

Well, dreaming about it is pretty nice too…


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