Radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff

Everyone knows the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right? No introduction is needed here I guess!

Don’t listen to Shredder, by the way, he’s a bad man.

Have you already enlisted yourself? Why didn’t you listen to me? Well, I guess the Turtles have to teach you a lesson now.

Here, listen to this awesome remix of the music from the NES game of the same name:

Isn’t that gnarly, dudes and dudettes?

Now where are my pills…?


And click here for some awesome TMNT art: Awesome TMNT Art


And here’s something that I drew myself:

Shredder picture from: http://www.geek-art.net/brandon-schaefer-emily-bawn-shredder/

TMNT walking sprites from the first NES game from: avatarist.com

2 thoughts on “Radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff

  1. TMNT is still the most awesome franchise ever. And it still has it’s great number of fans. The problem is that it has been butchered by the companies that hold the rights to it’s distribution and production.


    • I agree. In the new CGI series that’s coming their weapons have been changed to look more lethal. Wait, wasn’t the problem that they were considered too lethal to begin with? Like Michaelangelo’s Nunchuks that were banned due to criminal associations? I really don’t get some of the new directions. The 2003 series was alright though until they made Fast Forward and the Turtles being aliens in the new movie is just ridiculous.
      I guess they’re trying to reel in a younger audience but the new TV series and movies are not for me judging by the direction they’re taking.


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