My first video game scare

Me and my brother were still kids, very small kids actually, somewhere between 8-10 years old maybe, when we experienced our first video game scare.

Well, sort of.

We loved video games from a very young age ever since we laid our hands on a NES. I remember that we played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at a friends’ place and I remember us getting as far as saving Splinter (a feat that I haven’t even come near accomplishing ever since) and soon afterwards my sister got one for her birthday.

Anyhow, ever since our first encounter with video games we learned to recognize video games and such in stores as well, and would beg to be allowed to spend some time in any store we’d pass. We could easily spot Mario from a mile away as most other kids could at the time.

Well, back to our current story. I remember vividly that we were walking around the shelves that made us look like Lilliputians in comparision as they reached well above our heads. Admiring the games on the shelves we saw something blue towering above us. It looked mean. We yelled, ran away and took shelter behind the shelves.

It was pointless.

The creature had spotted us and was walking towards us waving his hand as he did so.

Oh no!

We yelled “He’s coming! He’s coming!” and ran away from there as soon as we could.

Who was this creature, did you ask?

Well… take a look yourself:

In case you have a hard time discering which one of these people we saw I can give you a hint: he’s the one in the middle.

It was Sonic.

Image from:

2 thoughts on “My first video game scare

  1. What made the Sonic suit so scary was probably his insanely huge head and thin body. Sure, he was like that in the series/games too, but in real life, your brain can’t calculate and you feel fear.


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