Unlikely Versus No. 1

This is the first one among hopefully many other Unlikely Versus posts.

The main idea is to pit two unlikely foes against each other and explain why I think one of them will emerge as the winner. You’re very welcome to come with your own thoughts as well in the comment section! I will also take requests.

This week is Daredevil Vs. Mr. Magoo


The idea behind pitting these two characters against each other is based on the fact that they’re kind of… blind.

Their shared background:

Whilst Mr. Magoo has very little vision left and thinks stuff are what they aren’t (such as when he thought a lettuce was a stack of money) Daredevil can kind of “see” the shockwaves of everything similar to echolocation (Like a bat? Batman, is that you?) because of his 4 superhuman remaining senses.

Their strengths:

Daredevil not only has superhuman senses, he’s also an excellent athlete, martial artist, gymnast and acrobat (acrobat as in…bat?).

Mr. Magoo, on the other hand, has a disgustingly untapped amount of luck and manages to get through everything safe and sound… and as a winner! Maybe he’s the master behind Charlie Sheens’ winning… “Enough of the Charlie Sheen jokes already!”

Their weaknesses:

Daredevil is an average person in terms of bullet-proofness and would take a bullet wound badly (in many ways like Batman would). Also he’s vulnerable to loud sounds and odors which really gets him out of his groove.

Mr. Magoo has no abilities at all and would not be able to withstand anything without his immense luck. He’s in his essence an extremely ordinary old man.


Mr. Magoo would probably win as he escapes even the most perilious of danger in the very last second, which means that no matter how good Daredevil is Mr. Magoo will escape him, and since escaping a danger also includes that danger becoming inert it’d mean that Daredevil would have a chance of getting really hurt to the point of no longer posing as a threat to him (as a mechanism to nullify the danger he’d pose as).

Thus Mr. Magoo would emerge the winner!

Now what do you guys and gals think?

First image composed byMartianOddity from: http://30ninjas.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/DareDevil.jpg and http://0.tqn.com/d/animatedtv/1/G/k/z/mrmagoo.jpg

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No. 1

  1. Mr. Magoo could defeat even Superman with his luck. He would stumble on Kryptonite and it would be stuck on his pants. Then, he would approach Superman, and accidentally step with his cane on Superman’s head. And not to go into too graphic details, Superman would die.

    What about Mr. Fantastic vs. Monkey D. Luffy? I think Mr. Fantastic would be pummeled.


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