Did you know this about Mario…?

  • … his surname isn’t Mario. In other words, his name isn’t Mario Mario, as stated earlier through some sources. He simply doesn’t have a last name, he’s just one of those people, along with his brother Luigi and Niles the butler.
  • … Donkey Kong from the first game with the same name was his pet gorilla, and is actually Cranky Kong, the father of the Donkey Kong we know in Donkey Kong Country and Land, which means that the ape you control in those games is the ape that’s called Donkey Kong Jr. in the game with the same name. To summarize: Donkey Kong from the first game is actually Cranky Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. is actually the same Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong Country. Yeesh, that’s complicated!
  • … and he abused him to the point of escaping using his girlfriend as a hostage.
  • …speaking of girlfriends: he’s been rescuing his girlfriend Pauline (called simply Lady in the Japanese version), Princess Daisy and  Princess Peach, amongst others, during his years as an active plumbin’ hero (did you get the message between the lines?).
  • … Shigeru Miyamoto called him “Mr. Video”, and even “Jumpman” in the beginning, but they named him Mario after the American headquarters’ landlord after he demanded a delayed rent.
  • …he’s been a carpenter, plumber, wrecker, quack doctor, soccer player, tennis pro, golf pro, pet abuser, and an antagonist (in Donkey Kong Jr.).
  • … Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper, playing Mario and Luigi respectively, allegedly drunkened themselves each day to be able to enjoy  the lousy production behind the Super Mario Bros. movie (according to Dennis Hoppers’ biography if I recall correctly).

2 thoughts on “Did you know this about Mario…?

  1. Ah, the evidence of malice that failed to wash away…
    Mario is not the good guy that we think he is. And he thinks so high of himself that he refuses to have a surname like the other Marios in the world.


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