I feel like this guy

The main differences between us are:

1. I swore off Pokémon because of the Pokémon Advance games even when I had Pokémon Pearl version and liked it a lot

2. I sold the Advance games and was stupid enough to sell Pearl with them in the same move

3. I got sucked back in when my brother gave away his DS to my sister and gave his Diamond version to me since he didn’t have neither the system for it nor the appeal to play the later games anymore (thanks a bunch, bro!)

Now I have ordered Pokémon HeartGold. I’m sucked back in again with the new games but I am ever so sceptical about Pokémon Black and White. I’ll have to sleep on it since it’ll take a while before I have time for those games anyways now when I have a bunch of Gameboy Advance games, Diamond and then HeartGold to beat.

But HeartGold has taunted me to buy it ever since I first saw it on the shelves. The whole coverage between the first announcement of the game and the release of it was aptly ignored by me. Until this day…

Tomorrow I’ll present the next Unlikely Versus!

5 thoughts on “I feel like this guy

  1. I lost interest after Pokémon Silver/Gold, tried without any luck with Ruby and Diamond, and finally gave up.
    I would so buy a remake of Pokémon Red that was exclusively Pokémon Red. FireRed was good enough, but I would like a “pure” release. It could contain new elements, but the monster count should remain exclusively of 151 monsters. 🙂


    • I know what you mean. When you don’t like the new feel, design and such you crave new stuff based on the old stuff. 🙂 I have a tip: Buy a Gameboy Color flash cart (a little bit hard to find but you can get one for a fair price) and load hacks into it and play good hacks based on the old games (which there are a LOT of) on your Gameboy. Like Pokémon Brown. I don’t know about the legality of such stuff but it’s an option! 😛

      It’s either that or creating a hack yourself using the easy-to-use tools that are available through which you easily can change maps, in-game texts, pokémon locations, starter pokémon, gym leaders and Elite Four rosters and their attacks, Wild Pokémon movesets and much more. It will take a lot of time but might be worth it as crating the new game after your own taste can be a fun experience itself.


  2. I want to add that I meant that I lost interest after the Silver/Gold games, not because of it. Silver/Gold together with Red/Blue were awesome games and hold up to this day.


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