Unlikely Versus No 2

This time we’re going to take a look at how a fight between Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) and Mister Fantastic (Fantastic Four) would turn out!

Their shared background:

Both of them have the “superpower” of turning into a gummy-like form and can stretch themselves almost limitlessly.

Their strengths:

Mr. Fantastic can stretch himself, as previously mentioned, and can also increase in size (making himself stronger in the process), put all his weight in his hand and form his limbs to hammers and maces. He’s resistant and sometimes even immune to other peoples’ mind powers. He’s very intelligent. Also he has a black belt in Judo. Ooooh!

Monkey D. Luffy can, aside from his stretching powers, withstand virtually any kind of blunt force, shift into a higher gear (making himself either 2 or 3 times stronger) and also use the powers of Haki to render living things unconscious or harm them even further in conjunction with his other attacks. Also he has a humongous superhuman power and can lift objects that are unimaginable for normal human beings to lift. He also  instinctively improves during fights.

Their weaknesses:

Mr. Fantastic is weak to being stretched out too far.

Monkey D. Luffy can’t swim and will drown if falling into water. He can drink it though. Also he’s not always the brightest one but still manages to use his instincts during his fights.


Unless Mr. Fantastic manages to drown Luffy he will meet his defeat. Comparing the two and their abilites, strength and overall fights I have the feeling that Luffy would emerge the winner. Not only does Luffy have the same powers but also the Haki, which probably would render Mr. Fantastic unconcious and extremely damaged, but also his Gear 2 and Gear 3 which would essentially make him two or three times stronger than him if we even put the two at the same level in terms of ability.

But so far I cannot se Mr. Fantastic at the same level, and even though he’s much more intelligent than Luffy we’ve been shown that it rarely helps against Luffy in other cases.

Monkey D. Luffy emerges as the winner!

Next time we’ll have Yogi Bear vs. Humphrey the Bear

Now what do you think?

Images from: Luffy: http://images.wikia.com/onepiece/images/archive/3/3d/20101102080623!Luffy.pngMister Fantastic: http://www.spider-bob.com/heroes/marvel/images/MrFantastic03.jpg

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No 2

  1. Indeed, Monkey D. Luffy would demolish Mr. Fantastic.
    Luffy would go fully into attack-mode and wouldn’t understand Mr. Fantastic’s pleads of reason. It would be highly unlikely for the fight to occur at sea, but if we take into account that Mr. Fantastic resides in the proximity of Manhattan, there could be a chance.
    Furthermore, Luffy has lost a significant amount of blood and gotten severely damaged and went on without fearing to lose his life.
    I doubt that Mr. Fantastic would go that far in a fight.
    Luffy is also stronger and more durable, and I’d say much more skilled in fights. Judo doesn’t compare much to Luffy’s rubber techniques who have several different attributes (forming a net, shooting his fists like a cannon, using his fists as a hammer), and also his Gear power up would be too much for Mr. Fantastic to handle.
    So overall, your verdict is correct.


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