Games that I’m playing now

I’m playing Pokémon Diamond at the moment. I’ve fought Cyrus the Psychopath on Mount Mortar (which was a boring part of the game which I Max Repelled my way through until the fights with the bosses) and now I’m going to try to capture Dialgia with a crippled team.

I have the following team:

Jaws the Torterra Lv. 45: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Synthesis and Razor Leaf

Teeth the Crobat Lv. 45: Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Roost and Bite

Bill the Golduck Lv. 46: Surf, Psychic, Shadow Claw and Psych Up

Feathers the Sneasel Lv. 45: Avalanche, Faint Attack, Slash and Agility

I’m saving space for a Heathran and another dude.

Also I’m trying to play Advance Wars but it takes time to finish the maps. I’ll park it while I’m playing Diamond and HeartGold though as I’ve been struck by Pokémania. Again.

Sprites from

Advance Wars picture from:


2 thoughts on “Games that I’m playing now

  1. I so abuse max repel so heavily at times that I should be ashamed. But then, I believe that it’s justified after the millions of “di-di-di-di-du-du-du-du” and the headache that follows when you realize that “shit, all my Pokémans are going to die”. Now my brain doesn’t function correctly, but if I remember it right, I did MAX REPEL LEVEL 99 (abusing max level as hell) the first time on victory road and the other obstacles before the Pokémon Leauge. I died at Bruno.
    The thing was that I needed to go up at least 5 levels to beat Bruno (since I had a capable team) and another five to be able to beat the rest (Lance, I am really happy for you and imma let you finish. But Charizard is the best Dragon-type Pokémon of all time [well technically not, but I BELIEVE]). And also, since it was my first time, my movesets on my Pokémon pretty much sucked.

    And another funny thing is how many people I grew up with didn’t say that their Pokémon fainted, they rather said that it DIED (often with emphasis). Sometimes when they lost to someone else in a battle, they called them a murderer in rage.


    • Victory Road is the worst especially in Red/Blue/Yellow, I agree with you in that. My Pokémon tend to be a tad under-levelled because of my Max Repel abuse, I find the regular trainers there to be “tough enough”. I’m also a Repel-oholic.

      I also used to raise an eyebrow when someone said that their Pokémon had died. Whilst that may be “true” in Nuzlocke challenges I can’t say I ever did so. Well, at least not when it comes to my own Pokémon. I rather liked to exclaim that a Pokémon had died when it was a pain in the arse to defeat and finally fainted. Especially if it’s a status-inflicting or Confusing opponent!


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