Mario Madness

First cover from:

Second and third covers from:

Additions by: MartianOddity


2 thoughts on “Mario Madness

  1. So if I get it right:
    1st one: They are all criminals and sadists? That’s a lot of blood. Serves them right to mess with Mario!
    2nd one: Mario is on ‘roids? And has a mission to destroy everything in his path?
    3rd one: Mario is just FABULOUS? He puts his hands up in the air, like he really doesn’t care? (My favorite, by the way).


    • 1. Mario is the criminal, all the others are victims whose identity has also been blacked out pending the legal investigation in the case. All but the turtle who stands on the pipe, which isn’t blacked out, are involved in the case as he’s an innocent bystander who can’t see, hear, smell or feel.

      2. Yes, Mario has a psychosis after eating the wrong kind of mushroom after a long time of ‘roid abuse and is on a mission of destruction!

      3. Yes, he’s totally fab. 😀


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