Unlikely Versus No. 3

This time we’ll take a look on how a brawl between two of our favourite cartoon bears would turn out. Which bears? Well Humphrey the Bear and Yogi Bear of course!

Wait, what?!

Their shared background:

They’re both bears who are trying to live the life stealing food from visitors and finding great shelters where they can chill, and they both live in a national park and are trying to avoid its Ranger.

Their strengths:

Humphrey, being a real-size bear, is allegedly very strong. He’s huge.

Yogi, on the other hand, is “smarter than the average bear” and has intelligence on his side.

Their weaknesses:

Humphrey isn’t the smartest one among the bears, but still smarter than the average bear. He’s also neurotic and will “fend” himself off stressful situations by running in place with his feet moving in all directions. He can’t speak either but grunts as a means of communication.

Yogi seems to have a weak physique and, although stronger than the average human, I have a hard time seeing him fighting off a full-size bear.


The fight would’ve started off with a worried Humphrey panicking over the thought of having to fight another bear. Yogi would use his superior intellect to try to defeat Humphrey but as usual his plans wouldn’t work out as he always overestimates his own intellect. This would mean that Humphrey, fuelled by his somwhat superior will to live, would find an opening to smack the threat in front of him into oblivion and defeat him for good. As Yogi is “just a bear” he’d be able to stay and seek shelter and food in his own park, not having to fear being put down as he’d have to if he’d crushed his own park’s Ranger, and live life to its fullest.

Humphrey is the winner!

Now what do you think?

Any suggestions of Unlikely Versus’ you’d like to see?

Images from: manhattaninfidel.com and http://www.drawntoillusion.com/Postings%202010/A%20Bear%20Named%20Humphrey.html


2 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No. 3

  1. I believe that if Yogi knew that he was going into brawl, he would set traps for Humphrey. In that way he could defeat him. However, if they failed and Humphrey came out unscathed, Yogi bear would get the beating of his life (Humphrey would go into Wild Animal Mode).
    One factor that should be taken into account is whether the park rangers join the fight as well, as the animals in their park and their safety is their duty to protect. If they would join, the outcome of the fight would certainly become much harder to figure out.
    Now ponder the scenario that all their animal friends decide to join in to protect their friends, now that would lead to an all out brawl with a lot of blood spilled.
    And furthermore, if their friends would join, there is a probability that the police has to show up and open fire against those rabid animals.
    And the Rangers would probably not be left to be able to stop the police and explain (since they most likely became trampled in death in the commotion).
    And then upon the corpses and carcass left, Bambi’s mother’s ghost would appear, and shed a tear for all the animals that have fallen, and bring with her Yogi and Humphrey’s bodies and they would ascend into the heavens and become saints.


    • Ha ha ha ha! That’d be awesome!

      These Versus’ go under 3 rules:

      1) No help from anyone else

      2) a one on one fight in an arena mimicking the fighters’ natural habitats or area of residence. For both it’d mean a national park. For Luffy and Mr. Fantastic that’d mean a larger city.

      3) giving the characters 2 minutes to mentally prepare for the fight just before they’re teleported to the location of the fight. This, as we know, is not enough for Humphrey.


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