Fainted Flight


4 thoughts on “Fainted Flight

  1. Ah, the Fainted Flight! I always wondered how that worked when I was a kid. I mean, I didn’t even try to fly with a fainted Pokémon until I once got frustrated and tried. I was really surprised that it worked.


    • It defies all logic how something that has fainted still can fly you around. That’s hilarious, especially when it comes to small birds like Pidgey which are supposed to be able to carry 10 years olds. How is that even possible? 😀


      • And don’t tell me about Surf! Or Flash! Some Pokémon that shouldn’t be able to have those HM’s are miraculously able to use them!


      • Snorlax is understandable, he’s pretty much a tub of lard, but Tauros? How can he Surf? And HOW do Diglett and Dugtrio Slash and Scratch? Where are the claws?


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