Actors I’ve mistaken for other actors

There are some actors that I’ve mistaken for others, whether they look really alike or not, and I have been corrected retrospectively a few times by others who have a greater ability to keep faces apart than I do. When I write movie roles I use those that I remember them from, not their greatest portrayals or something like that, so keep that in mind.

Matt Damon and Mark Walhberg

I’ve been absolutely positive that Matt Damon has been in movies that Mark Wahlberg has starred in just to be proven wrong.

Anna Faris and Tara Reid

Which one was in American Pie and which one was in The Hot Chick again…

Jennifer Garner and Hillary Swank

The former was in Valentines Day and the latter in PS. I love you. Even though I can manage to keep them apart I can have some trouble doing so at times.

Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans

I could swear that Orlando Bloom played Aramis in Three Musketeers until I saw him poisoning himself as the Duke of Buckingham. My mind got blown when I realized that it was Luke Evans that was playing Aramis and everything in the movie started to make sense ever since. Great movie, by the way.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem

The former starred as Denny in Grays Anatomy and the latter as the creepy Anton in No Country for Old Men . Wait, they aren’t the same person?!

Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman

At first I had trouble keeping these two apart, as evidenced by when I first didn’t notice, in Star Wars Episode I where (*SPOILER* mark the white parts to see the text):  they swapped Natalie Portman, Queen Amidala A.K.A. Padme, for her handmaiden Sabé, played by Keira Knightley when the bad guys came to take her away. Still to this day I can’t see the swap. I can’t keep them apart in that movie, especially during that scene!

And that’s my list of stars that I have a hard time keeping apart. What’s your list?

All images courtesy of Old guy with read hair drawn by The MartianOddity.

2 thoughts on “Actors I’ve mistaken for other actors

  1. Sometimes I too get confused a lot when I watch movies.
    I used to think that in Night at the Roxbury, it was Jeff Daniels who played Doug Butabi, rather than Will Ferrel.
    I found out a year after watching the movie.


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