NES Mods galore

A Mod is a modification of an existing system which either adds a feature, changes its looks or changes it into something else entirely.

Here are some cool NES mods that I’ve found:

A Zelda mod of a NES. This is the system to play The Legend Of Zelda I and II on.

A Super Mario Bros. game cartridge which houses a complete NES with all the standard output ports and a top-loader cartridge slot. To be fair it uses a so-called “NES on a Chip”, or NOAC, which is a common name for the Chinese Famicom (the Japanese NES) clones that are sacrificed for these kinds of mods.

A portable NES housed in a Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt bundle cartridge. A NOAC was used to house the cartridge. Although a wee bit bulky this system would be the one of my dreams if it was introduced when I was a kid.

A NES controller modded into a cell phone. I think the insides are those of a Motorola. This guy has an awesome style!

Images from top to bottom:



3. Made by Airz and presented in BenHeck’s forums:



4 thoughts on “NES Mods galore

  1. I would love to own every single one of them! If I knew more about modding, I would so try it myself. But electronics isn’t my strong side unfortunately… If I had to rank them:
    1. Portable NES cartridge system
    2. Zelda NES mod
    3. Game Controller Cell Phone


    • I’d like to do stuff like that too, and I might do it in the future. But the fear of imminent defeat stops me from doing it at the moment! 😛
      That plus the fact that I don’t have a good workplace at the moment.


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