NegaDuck has to be among the very top contestants on my list of favourite villains that I root for. He looks awesome and acts in a very despicable way.

His Wikipedia entry just makes him even more interesting and awesome:

Negaduck – Darkwing Duck’s evil doppelganger. Negaduck is virtually identical to Darkwing except that the colors of his costume are red, black, and yellow. Negaduck has no special powers or abilities but can disguise himself as Darkwing to make the hero look like a criminal. He is very ruthless and has no problem with hurting people to get what he wants: great wealth and authority over the world, until he gets defeated by Darkwing. It is revealed that he is an evil Darkwing from a parallel reality called the “Negaverse”, a nightmarish reverse version of St. Canard and which he used to rule.

Isn’t that awesome?!

To top it off I found a brilliant piece of artwork by mallaard from (uuugh, not that site again). Check his page out: LINK

When I was uploading this image it failed the first time. It has to be the evil that is Negaduck that tried to stop the uploading of this image!

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