The Gengar Boy Color

The Gengar Boy Color is possibly the awesomest and most appealing custom-painted system I have ever seen. Just look at these borrowed pictures from Tiny Cartridge: Link

Apparently it was auctioned off on Ebay quite cheaply. Blasphemy! I’d bid on this in a heartbeat! If only I’d seen that post 1 year ago… Oh well! It’s no use crying over spilled milk! ~MartianOddity

Nah, I’m kidding, I didn’t create that old idiom. Silly you.

Here’s the description that the creator, NewbanZo, wrote about the system:

“Black upper, purple lower with black splatter paint and black battery cover. The whole case has been clear coated with a matte finish to ensure durability. Insides have been cleaned and tested for functionality. Internal speaker has been removed. Brand new screen cover.”

Thank you, Tiny Cartridge, for immortalizing this beautiful Gameboy Color.

4 thoughts on “The Gengar Boy Color

  1. Why did he remove the internal speaker? Otherwise, a very cool Gameboy color mod! Gengar is one of my favorite Pokémon, so I like it even more because of that. I would love a Gengboy!


    • It, is isn’t it? I always dread when I’m up against one in the first 2 games. It’s a beast!

      I sold my Gameboy Color but I have a Shark Blue one and a Transparent Purple one. The former is crappy, hence why I have two. The latter is fresh and feels nice playing.


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