Unlikely Versus No. 4

This time we’ll be spectating a fight between two of our favourite Disney Super Heroes! Give it up for…

Super Goof and Phantom Duck!

Their shared background:

Both are Disney Super Heroes, with Super Goof being one invented first. While Super Goof pretty much has the same powers as Super Man, Phantom Duck (he’s Donald Duck in case you didn’t know it already) is the Disney equivalent of Batman, relying on his tools and cunning mind to defeat his adversaries. Uh, oh, this doesn’t look good…

Their strengths:

Goofy transforms into Super Goof after eating Super Goobers that basically are a bunch of irradiated and for normal creatures highly harmful, radioactive peanuts. Yeah, he can stomach them, and that makes him totally bad ass. When defeating villains he opens up a can of whoop-ass containing a mix of the following ingredients: super power, super breath and eye lasers. That’s not all, he also he has the following powers: flying, x-ray vision and invulnerability.

Much like our very own Batman we can see that Phantom Duck is completely dependent on his awesome tools, brains and guts.  He’s got a paralyzing gun, smoke bullets, spring shoes/jet shoes, bulletproof cape, a flying car and much more. His main method of attacking is an awesome shield that can extend and be fired at enemies. Wait a minute, he’s much better than Batman is, at least equipment-wise!

Their weaknesses:

Unfortunately Super Goof reverts into a regular Goofy as the radiation of the Super Goobers wear off after a while, and forgetful as he is, Goofy frequently forgets to restock his hat with them and that leads him into a lot of misadventures.

Phantom Duck has a normal bullet-susceptible being inside the suit. Phantom Duck isn’t invulnerable either and has a short temper. Just think: Batman.


Well, as long as Super Goof has his powers he’ll be able to crush Phantom Duck easily. But since he can be paralyzed Phantom Duck will be able to keep him in that state until his powers wear off and then finish him off with his shield. Paralyzing beams work through electricity and it doesn’t matter how strong Super Goof is: he won’t be able to break through the beam. That’s a medical fact.

Even though Super Goof is fast normal Goofy isn’t, which means he’d have no time to eat a Super Goober before getting hit by the shield and meet his untimely doom And even if he’d be fast enough chances are that he’d forget to restock which makes Phantom Duck the winner.

Phantom Duck emerges through the fogs of the night… as the winner!

Now what do you think? Who’d you think would win?

First image compiled, by me, from: http://www.salimbeti.com/paperinik/images/arte21.jpg and http://www.ludicer.it/supereroi/superpippo/in-volo.gif

Second image from: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/The_Duck_Avenger


2 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No. 4

  1. In my opinion, the whole thing depends on Phantom Duck (Darkwing Duck much? Maybe you should do a versus battle between the two) being able to hold off Super Goof.
    If Super Goof is really mad and goes in for a one strike kill, he could defeat Phantom Duck.
    But to be fair, Phantom Duck has fought everything possible (from petty criminals to alien monsters). He has experience and knows how to deal if he hasn’t the upper hand. So he would eventually find Super Goof’s weakness and destroy him, I believe.
    I wonder if they would ever get to know that they are fighting their friend… :p


    • I don’t think they would as no one really knows of their true identities, not even their families and friends. 😀

      Phantom Duck would probably realize, all too late, that he’d beaten Goofy to a pulp. It’s puzzling, really.


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