Gameboy Advance in a Gameboy

In a clash between Old School and Kind-of-New School this baby was born:

It does have the shoulder buttons (L and R) even though they can’t be seen. The creator CRTdrone has replaced the directional pad and the A and B buttons with those of a NES controller. This system even has an upgraded rechargable battery pack and the backlit screen of a Gameboy Advance SP.

If that isn’t awesome I don’t know what is. Now we know what the lovechild of an Original Gameboy and a Gameboy Advance SP would look like. You can even see their ancestor, the NES’s, genes in it.

I want it so bad.


2 thoughts on “Gameboy Advance in a Gameboy

  1. I wish that when Nintendo decide to make endless new versions of their portable consoles, they use at least one of them to look as awesome as this one. I am actually considering to buy a cheap GBA Sp and an original GameBoy and make one of these.


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