White City, Where Art Thou

“In search of Mega Man’s lost city”… that sounds sad.

I always get a mix of “why didn’t it make it to the game”, “this is awesome” and a little bit of “what if the feature had remained…” when I check out betas of both old and new games.

Here’s a mock-up pic of Mega Man from the olden days before the release of the game:

I’m glad they chose to ditch that design and instead went with this one:

First image courtesy of Unseen64.com

Second image from The Reploid Research Lavatory: http://kobun20.interordi.com/

Third image from Megaman Knowledge Database: http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Mega_Man_Wiki


3 thoughts on “White City, Where Art Thou

  1. The city looks pretty awesome and cool. I would love to play that one.
    Isn’t there anyone who has looked into the data of the game to find that city? Or did they remove it completely?
    And also maybe there are some sprites or RX and RY there.
    Just a fool’s wish. 🙂


    • I haven’t found anything but scans from old magazines unfortunately. The data doesn’t seem to exist in the cartridge, if it did I’d guess they already would’ve uncovered it.

      My theory is that RX and RY are versions of Rush, the canine friend of Mega Man in the earlier games.


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