There’s a program called Famitracker that one can make tracks for the Famicom, or the NES in the West, which can be implemented in homebrews or just enjoyed as they are.

Here are some of the more awesome tracks that I’ve found so far:

8-bit Spark Mandrill Stage Theme

The Spark Mandrill theme is my favourite of all the Megaman X music, and this rendition truly makes it justice. Just listen to the original:

Even though the 8-bit version is based on the weaker NES chiptune set I still consider both of the versions to be pretty much on par with each other. Both of them are goose-bump-worthy.

This one is a rendition of the intro stage music in Megaman X-2. Awesome, isn’t it? The whole feel of the original music is well captured, even if the NES “instrumentation” is a bit weaker. In this case this version doesn’t stand out as pompous as the original but it’s not far off at all:

And below we have an 8-bit Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64:

And here’s the original:


2 thoughts on “Famitracker

  1. I fail to see that much difference between the Famitracker’s music and SNES’ music, at least when it comes to capabilities of song composition. Maybe the problem is that even though it sounds like NES music, both space limit in the cartridge and hardware issues made it impossible to make too complicated music on the NES.
    Either way, the Famitracker seems cool, and I’d like to find out how it works and try it out!
    NES music is, after all, pretty awesome.


    • I’m going to look into tutorials and learn how to use the program. 😀

      I also think that the music is great! It’s much more complex than one thinks, really.

      I agree with you, probably more advanced tunes were omitted due to memory limitations. I mean, MegaMan X consisted of only 12 mb of memory and a NES game was considerably less… I don’t remember the maximum memory capacity though.


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