Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Oh, really? Then chicks must dig me!

I mean, what the hell?! That’s hilarious!

First picture: http://foodnetworkhumor.com/wp-content/uploads//tmnt-eat-out.jpg

Second picture: http://www.funnywallphotos.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/turtle-whats.jpg


Goldeneye 64 Guitar Medley

Wait, what? Are you saying this isn’t Pierce Brosnan?

There’s this user on Youtube, FamilyJules7x, that makes awesome guitar covers of video game music and such. One of my favourites is the Goldeneye 64 Guitar Medley:

Not only is his music great, but his username is too. When read out it sounds like “Family Jewels”. That’s hilarious!

Dr. Mario on self-medication

Another cover he’s made is of the Chill theme of Dr. Mario:


Check out his channel!

First image from: http://www.007museum.com/bg_johnny.png

Second image from: http://johnnyyanok.com/paintings/Dr.Mario.jpg

Happy Golbat Day!

Hereby I declare 22nd of June to be officially (or unofficially) known as Golbat Day in rememberance of all kids and adults alike that were startled by the Pokémon Golbats Red and Blue looks!

I remember my own first encounter very well. I was sitting in my room playing the game when it suddenly popped out on the screen sporting its horrendous looks! I was very startled indeed!

And here is another artists depiction from this first encounter, from http://momo.zamomo.com/:

This particular depiction of the Red and Blue version sprite clearly shows the horrific looks of the Pokémon which we are dedicating this day to. The artist Earlgengar from Deviantart.com drew this wonderful piece, you can find his/her gallery here: Earlgengar’s Gallery

And let’s end Happy Golbat Day with this awesome piece of Golbat by ajnif on Deviantart.com: Gallery

Winning- The Charlie Sheen Game

#?:  Winning- The Charlie Sheen Game

Alright, I know the “Winning” meme with Charlie Sheen has been around for a while now and that some of you might feel it’s washed out. But that’s not entirely why I’m writing this post. This post is game related, believe it or not. It’s kind of gruesome if you’re weak-stomached but it’s an awesome game with a retro feel to it, and the parody of Charlie Sheen that the game is and the inclusion of his eccentric quotes really makes this not only a fun game but also a funny one.

Graphics: 10/10

This game looks very good and is kind of an equivalent of a 16-bit game, graphics wise. The sprites are textured well and the animations are great. The title screen is detalied and drawn well.

Sounds & Music: 10/10

The music is catchy and adds to the speedy feel of the game. It also has a retro feel to it and is remiescent of 8-bit music. There are voice samples of his most memorable quotes inserted which add to the hilariousity of the game.

Gameplay: 10/10

“Winning- The Charlie Sheen Game” is a game where you take the role of Charlie Sheen in his red sports car. The goal is to win, simply, and rack up points running people, geese, dogs, cyclists, strippers and segway drivers over while avoiding other cars, motorcyclists and obstacles. You can use a lot of drugs found on the ground, while driving, of which he presumably has confirmed to have been taking and they have effects on the gameplay. Also you can find Powerups such as a Grenade which will destroy everything on screen and the Tiger’s Blood, which Sheen has said runs through his veins, which will make you drive at blazing speeds while invulnerable, making racking up points very easy.

Replay value: 10/10

The controls are great and the random exposition of objects in each difficulty level is something that makes sure that the game doesn’t get too repititive or that one can increase skill by memorizing the level pattern: it’s completely random.


According to TV.com: “Charlie loves barbeque sauce, and has even thought about releasing his own brand someday.” Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.


You can play the game here: Winning- The Charlie Sheen Game


Screenshot taken by: MartianOddity

Floating Charlie Sheen head from: http://cdn.androidblip.com/icn/com_jasonbuehler_charlieSheen____132896.png

Pokémon Progress: Reloaded

  Licorita the Meganium, Lv. 75: Body Slam, Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, Synthesis

 Pidgenator the Pidgeot, Lv. 75: Return, U-turn, Featherdance, Roost

 Mama the Kangaskhan, Lv. 75: Return, Earthquake, Sucker Punch, Toxic

Scorch the Magmortar, Lv. 75: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Brick Break

Jellybean the Tentacruel, Lv 75: Surf, Poison Jab, Ice Beam, Barrier

 Mister the Mismagius,  Lv.75: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Power Gem, Will-o-wisp

What I’ve been doing since last time:

I’ve defeated the Elite Four for the second time and they were much stronger this time around. They had Lv. 60-70-ish Pokémon and also sported a new roster which included Pokémon from the other generations.

Then I went on to defeat Red in Mount Silver and I can say that it was tough and required a lot of Full Restores and Max Revives. The thing is that I had to leave Pidgeot to bring an Onix with Rock Climb with me, which I think is an awful thing to be forced to do. I mean, to reach Red you MUST have a Pokémon with that crappy HM move and then you’ll have given up either a move slot or a Pokémon to bring along one that’s much worse. Luckily I used Onix as a shield when using Max Revive on my team.

The thing is that I don’t have time to level my team up. I leveled them up to Lv. 65 but then I thought “this is ridicilous” as the gap between the Second Round of the Elite Four and Red, from the time you’ve defeated the Kanto Gym Leaders, jumps up to 20-30 levels. And seeing how long time it takes to level your team up that amount, even with the Lucky Egg, I just thought that it wasn’t worth it. So what did I do? I Action Replay’d the game 900 Rare Candies and elevated the critter 10 levels each. In my eyes that’s fair game.

Then I went on to the Battle Factory, which is wickedly rad by the way, where you temporarily exchange your roster for a set of 3 out of 6 other random Pokémon that are presented to you. This reminds me of Episode 56 of the first Indigo League season of the Pokémon anime that was called “The Ultimate Test” where each contestant that participated got 3 random Pokémon to use. The test is the  Pokémon League Admissions Exam and is one way to be admitted to the Pokémon League championships, the other one being the usual 8 Gym Badges way. The first test is about knowledge and other is about recognizing Pokémon shapes (the latter is useless if you ask me) but the third part is what’s interesting and reminescent of the Battle Factory.

I’ve always wanted this mode in the games and since I didn’t have Pokémon Emerald I never got to experience this mode until I got Pokémon HeartGold. And it’s awesome!

Sprites from: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/?gen=1&

First image from: http://media.pldh.net/scans/hgss_redfight.gif

Second image from: http://www.serebii.net/platinum/bf-map.jpg

Third image from: http://pikapipodcast.blogspot.com/2012_05_01_archive.html