Mario, where are you?

Let’s analyze the lines in the lyrics of this commercial:

Exciting 2 player action! : While not an official part of the song I’ll analyze it anyways. This means that two persons who are so called “players” can get together and hit it off “excitingly”. You know, the kind of people who have several boyfriends or girlfriends at the same time.

Something’s gumming up the plumbing… : I think this implies that someone has problems with his or her plumbing… I boldly propose constipation.

Poor Luigi’s in a bind… : Alright, now we have a face to that state. Yuck.

Killer turtles out to get him… : He’s been eatin’ bad turtle soup which constipated him, clearly.

Giant crabs are right behind… : He proceeded to eat giant crabs right after he finished his soup. Duh.

Fighter flies, holy cripes, they’re all coming out the pipes! : Fighter flies have hatched out of the contaminated food from his “pipes”, in other words his intestines, and are now coming out his butt. And everything else he’s been eating probably is too.

Mario, where are you?!  : He’s calling for his Doctor, namely Dr. Mario (who became the inspiration for the game Dr. Mario).

This is the comic version of this commercial, by the way, which I’m sure you’ve watched through this blog already:

Remember this, people? 😀

Scan from:

One thought on “Mario, where are you?

  1. Maybe Luigi has UC or CD? Maybe the turtle soup isn’t at fault at all? Who says that we should blame the product? My condolences for Luigi. – John Jameson, CEO of the Turtle Soup Company


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