Pokémon Flashback: Pokémon in the Credits

Are you one of those that never could figure out what Pokémon’s silhouette flashed by after in the Credits in Pokémon Red and Blue? You know, after having defeated the Elite 4?

Well look no further as I found something on my harddrive, from times when I was just as bored as I am these days, that answers your cries of despair:


We have Venusaur, then Arbok, Rhyhorn, Fearow, Abra, Graveler, Hitmonlee, Tangela, Meowth, Gyarados, Ditto, Omastar, Vileplume, Nidoking and Parasect in order of appearance.

Yes, I had too much time on my hands. And yes, I beat the Elite 4 twice to see all the Pokémon in this list. And yes, there is more from where that came from, at least one more thing that spanned from my boredom and fascination for all details of the Pokémon games.

Is this meaningless?



Pokémon (C) Nintendo and Gamefreak

2 thoughts on “Pokémon Flashback: Pokémon in the Credits

  1. Nostalgia at it’s finest. I remember when I first fought the Elite Four. I lost badly since all my Pokémon were around level 40 and I had too many weaknesses in my team.
    Fast forward to a team including Charizard and Gengar, as well as an assortment of different types so that I could attack super effectively, and I won. Barely. The Pokémon were still too weak.
    So fast forward further, a barrage of fights in the wilderness as well as using rare candy a couple of times, and I was ready for battle once again. So I challenged the Elite Four once again. And I owned them.
    So I challenged them again, to humiliate them, and I won again. 🙂


    • Yeah, that’s pretty much my story too. First I had a bad moveset and low levels so I lost. Then I improved the moveset and I won barely. Then I increased the levels to be about 5 below the Elite Four’s mean and I won easily.

      I’m glad they fixed the Elite Four in the newer games!

      “You know that dragons are mythical Pokémon! They’re hard to catch and raise, but their powers are superior! They’re virtually indestructible! Well, are you ready to lose? Your League challenge ends with me, !”

      Yeah, right. 😀


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