Pokémon Flashback: The Mediocre Movesets of the Elite Four

One day after having fought the Elite Four for the umpteenth time I thought to myself: “MartianOddity, why does the Elite Four suck so much in the first generation?“.

Yes, I do think that there are things that are  bad in the first games, of course there are, but no, those things don’t make them unplayable or not enjoyable.

Well, aside from the poor AI of the game, here’s the reason of the major suckage that is the Elite Four:

Just look at those movesets. Even I could do better as a child. I used a Ditto to Transform into the opponents’ Pokémon and then I wrote down the moves it copied.

What about Arcanine, Blastoise and Venusaur if Gary would have them? Well, what about them? They’d probably suck just as much as the rest!

Let’s give Gary’s Exeggutor the spotlight:

It sports the impressive moveset of Barrage, Hypnosis, Stomp and… blank. Sure, it’s a pain with its Hypnosis but it’s not a challenge after all. Also it’s evident that Gary used a Leaf stone on his Exeggcute a wee bit too fast as it didn’t learn any new moves:

Since Exeggcute learns Leech Seed at Lv. 25, and this one doesn’t know it, we can conclude that he evolved it immediately after capture at a level less than Lv. 25. And since Exeggutor learns Stomp at Lv. 28, and this one knows it, then that’d make sense.

In conclusion Gary went like: “OmygoshIcaughtmyselfanExeggcuteandIhaveaLeafstoneinmybag!” *Takes another deep breath* “Let’sevolvethatEssOhBeeimmediately.“. *Exeggcute evolves*

It’s beautiful!

Sure, the Elite Four can prove to be a challenge but more often than not it doesn’t. I just think that they could’ve lowered the levels of the Pokémon and instead gave them a better moveset. But wait, that’s what they already did in the subsequent games…

Do I have to tell you that Bulbapedia has all of this information these days (it didn’t have when I made this…thing) and that this no longer is unique?

Does that make this a meaningless post?

NO. This is still AWESOME.

Pokémon (C) Nintendo and Gamefreak


2 thoughts on “Pokémon Flashback: The Mediocre Movesets of the Elite Four

  1. Well, since the Elite four is made so that you should be able to beat them at the first try (if you have been training serious), I guess that those moves can work, although they remind of movesets from sucky trainers that you meet on the different Routes. 😛
    But what makes the Elite four a challenge is that they have a deal with the A.I. in the computer. They both know what move you are going to use and also their Pokémon’s evasiveness is higher, and they get much less confused or affected by sleep/poison.
    If they wanted, they could kill you with growl and tackle by anticipating all of your moves.
    So, as I said, they have a deal with the A.I. so that if you are careless, they can f*ck you up!


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