Gameboy Camera

This little device might just as well be many people’s first digital cameras ever in a time when they weren’t common at all in the camera market (released in 1998).

It’s a device for the Original Gameboy which I’ve wanted for ever and that you can find fairly cheap and together with the Gameboy Printer, that takes ordinary reciept paper, you could have your own digital photo studio. You can add some easy manipulations such as adding moustasches and other things to the picture or use them as parts of different mini-games (such as using someone’s face as an enemy to shoot at).

To quote Wikipedia:

The camera can take 128×112, black & white digital images using the 4-color palette of the Game Boy system.


It interfaced with the Game Boy Printer, which utilized thermal paper to print any saved images, making a hardcopy.


The Game Boy Camera was featured in the 1999 edition of Guinness World Records for being the world’s smallest digital camera, though this record has since been broken.


 Nintendo reportedly had plans to release a successor to the Game Boy Camera for the Game Boy Advance called the GameEye which would take color photos and feature connectivity with the Nintendo GameCube through a game titled Stage Debut, but neither the GameEye nor Stage Debut ever saw release.


The Game Boy Camera would be the only handheld Nintendo product to feature a user-accessible camera until the release of the Nintendo DSi.


  • The Game Boy Camera was used to take the photographs for the album cover of Neil Young’s Silver & Gold.
  • The Game Boy Camera was featured prominently in the Hong Kong zombie film Bio Zombie.
  • In Banjo-Tooie, Chris P. Bacon uses a Game Boy Camera to take pictures.
Here’s the album cover of Neil Young’s Silver & Gold:
And here’s a pretty blog I found where they show some pictures and such they’ve taken and printed from a Gameboy Camera and Printer that they found in the Kuwait Flea Market:

Pinoditart: Playing with Old Nintendo Gameboy


It shows that even though the technology is old it still manages to be a very fun device!

7 thoughts on “Gameboy Camera

    • I remember one guy in my class having one and oh the envy I felt 😀 It truly was an awesome device for its time. Now everything has a camera mounted on it, PC’s, cell phones, key chains, pens…


      • Wait, pens and key chains with a camera? Seriously! That’s just were I draw the line…

        I don’t remember anyone owning the gameboy camera but I remember watching it on the telly 🙂 At that age it was just the most awesome thing ever haha.


      • Yeah, the spy fantaies of the past are a reality for the modern man 😀 There are button-cameras, in pens, in keychains, in sunglasses… and they are fairly cheap too!

        I consider the Gameboy Camera to be awfully rad still and I’ll actually grab one if I see one for a decent price. 😛


      • Have yet to see those cameras and I hope I never will! Like you said, great spying devices!

        Maybe you should look for a secondhand game store? I’m sure they’ll sell it there ;p


  1. Since the printer uses thermal printing, it doesn’t need to be refilled with ink, so if you find one that works, it could still be used!
    It was at it’s time state of the art, and I understand that Nintendo didn’t want to add a GameBoy Camera to the GBA, since the Digital Camera market had boomed at that point, and no one would buy it, unless it was very cheap.


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