Happy Golbat Day!

Hereby I declare 22nd of June to be officially (or unofficially) known as Golbat Day in rememberance of all kids and adults alike that were startled by the Pokémon Golbats Red and Blue looks!

I remember my own first encounter very well. I was sitting in my room playing the game when it suddenly popped out on the screen sporting its horrendous looks! I was very startled indeed!

And here is another artists depiction from this first encounter, from http://momo.zamomo.com/:

This particular depiction of the Red and Blue version sprite clearly shows the horrific looks of the Pokémon which we are dedicating this day to. The artist Earlgengar from Deviantart.com drew this wonderful piece, you can find his/her gallery here: Earlgengar’s Gallery

And let’s end Happy Golbat Day with this awesome piece of Golbat by ajnif on Deviantart.com: Gallery


2 thoughts on “Happy Golbat Day!

  1. I was not only startled the first time, I jumped a little from my chair and my heart started to beat really fast. I think that I even looked a little bit away after the scare and refocused until I got used to that scary picture.


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