Game Hunting: Games Reloaded

Lately I’ve been on a Games Hunt again. It just hit me, that game craving feeling, as if I had some addiction to it.

First I went to a flea market specialized on “interesting” things, like bric-a-brac, where I found an assortment of Gamecube games in good condition for 6 dollars each. There was a Gamecube system with 2 controllers for 25 dollars as well, but since I already own that system I didn’t buy it. I finally settled for a Players Choice Metroid Prime for 6 dollars. The rest were sports games and shooters.

Like this… only with VIDEO GAMES.


Then I ordered some stuff in a set on Ebay. It was a black Gameboy Advance (the original) with Sonic Advance 2 and Shrek Swamp Racing. The former reminds a lot of the original games and was fun to play but the second is a poor excuse for a Mario Kart: Super Circuit clone. The framerate is low, controls bad and everything sounds awful. I’ll give you a review on that one as I’ve played it some more. Maybe it’ll surprise me and maybe I’ll even rate it higher than the game it’s trying to copy. I mean, the characters even move in the same way on the racer selection screen. Who knows!

Not exactly the best Mario Kart “clone” there is…

Anyhow, I also got a carrying case for the lot, which wasn’t the case I expected, but it was alright. It tried to look like a GBA and was kind of cool in its own way.

Then I also went to the same flea market again to look through the Gamecube stuff and I decided to buy James Bond: Everything or nothing. And as the title suggests that’s what happened: it contained “everything” (a Rocky disk) but still “nothing” (not the game I wanted). I informed the cashier about their mix-up and was just about to walk away empty handed when I saw that they sold 6 DVD movies for 12 bucks. I got Die Hard/Die Hard 2, Mr and Mrs Smith, Taxi, 50 first dates, Interview with a Vampire and The Simpsons Movie. Great deal!

And that’s pretty much it for now. I’ve got the last boss Sturm to defeat in the last level of Advance Wars. Yes, I did get my ass handed to me a lot of times and yes, the challenge has become immense since the first mission but I still really have enjoyed the game so far!

I also realized that this guy…

Reminds me of that guy.

Plus a little bit of nasty fascism somewhere in the mix.

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When this baby hits 88 Miles Per Hour…

… you’re gonna see some serious shit.

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10 amazing Pokémon Facts

I just can’t help posting these kind of posts, me being a fact-sponge and all, but here you have a link to 10 amazing Pokémon facts!

Even though I’m a Pokémaniac these still managed to blow my mind, at least most of them were unknown to me.


Here ya go: 10 Amazing Pokémon Facts


And here’s an Aerodactyl in prehistoric times, from when it originally reigned over the skies.

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The Ultimater than Ultimate Team


The story behind this image:

“Basically, we were randomly talking about Pokemon. Then he pointed out that Metapod and Kakuna just sit there, being the ULTIMATE TEAM. Later on, he added Magikarp to the group, thus being THE ULTIMATER THAN ULTIMATE TEAM.”


By cartoonist on Deviantart.