Ikea and… videogames?

Ikea has shown an unexpected homage to an old video game system that we all know and love, the PS One:

When assembling the new furniture in my new place (which also happens to be the reason of the short hiatus) I saw that the “Billy” book-case has these nifty boxes that housed all of the screws and tools that came with the shelf. It really looks like a PS One. That’s awesome!

IKEA is known for furniture, fittings and more,

assembling their stuff is kind of a chore.

But one would never know,

because it simply doesn’t show,

that they’ll to you a carboard-PS One bestow.

Such a homage has never been seen before,

and will put a smile on your face when your hands are numb and sore.

Next time you buy such a furniture be sure to check this fun thing out, because maybe you’ll also find a cardboard mini-PS One of your own.


Image from: http://nicecliparts.com/download/Happy_Face1.jpg


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