Game Hunting: The Newest Additions To The Collection

Games I bought online:

– Boulder Dash [GB]

– The Legend of the River King [GB]

– Solomon’s Club [GB]

– Dragonball: Advanced Adventure [GBA]

Games I bought in stores:

– Heroes of Mana [NDS]

Games I bought in flea markets:

– Metroid Prime [GCN]

Games I got as a gift:

– Batman Begins [PS2]

– Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 [PS2]

– James Bond 007: From Russia With Love [PS2]

– Sonic Gems Collection [PS2]

– Castlevania: Curse of Darkness [PS2]

Why I bought them:

Boulder Dash seemed as a fun game when I checked it out on Youtube.

I knew that Solomons Club was a fun game since my friend owned it when we were kids (I think he still has it lying around in his attic somewhere).

I always wanted The Legend of the River King when I saw it on the video game stores’ shelves as a kid since it resembled Pokémon in its overhead style. I tried it out but I can’t get the fishing to work… and I don’t have the manual for it. I know I can check it out online but there’s been another game since that I’ve played and that is…

Dragonball: Advanced Adventure, possibly the best Dragonball game there is. You control first Goku, and then the superior Krillin (at least in the game) in two different but eeringly similar Story Modes where you have a pretty standard beat-em-up and at times also fighting matches against familiar enemies. Then you can choose to play as either as you collect the 7 Dragonballs in Extra mode to then be able to switch into all other characters in the game, allies and enemies alike, when you pick up their “avatars” or faces if you will. This feature is really cool and extends the game very much and adds a lot to the fun factor, and you can fight as Goku, Jackie Chun, Piccolo Damaio, the Bear Bandit Goku beats senseless in the beginning of the manga, Nam, Giran, the generic bandit and soldier enemies etc.

I bought Heroes of Mana based on the good reputation of the Secret of Mana series and I really hope that I’ve bought a good RPG.

I bought Metroid Prime the most recently, actually just this afternoon, in a flea market. There were other games in the basket but they were generic Battlefield shooters and sports games that didn’t interest me at all.

The last 5 games were a house-warming gift from my brother, and man does he know how to warm a house up! With video games! I’m eager to play them all as they all seem to be great games! Thanks bro!


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