Awesome Metroid Facts

I found an article that listed 10 things I didn’t know about the Original Metroid game for the NES:


Link: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Metroid


It’s really a good read so click the link and read the article!

Lately I’ve ventured into the world of the first Advance Wars for the GBA. I understand why it was praised at the time as it’s a well balanced game that keeps things fresh and interesting with new missions, characters and an evolving Campaign plot. I like how the 3 C.O.’s you can choose between have their own strengths. I choose the kid with Hyper Repair the most as he proves to be the most useful one of the trio, but the girl with the fast building capture rate saved me once when I had one last round to endure the battle and I sent an infantry troop to capture the enemy HQ. One more round and I’d been history. I’ve not yet had a great use for the brute with increased attack power but I’m sure I will eventually.

So far so good, but the missions are getting significantly tougher. I’m on mission 9 and I don’t know how many are left, and chances are that some of you that’ve already played the game are laughing over the sheer difficulty that I’m yet to face.

To finish off this article and to make it a little bit more pleasant I’ll present to you this picture:

Isn’t that a soothing and pleasant picture to look at? Mmmmmm…..

First image from:

Second image from:

2 thoughts on “Awesome Metroid Facts

  1. Cool Metroid info! Thanks for the link!
    I remember playing Advance Wars 2 back in high school a lot with my friends. And I remember getting incredibly frustrated with the later missions because they were near impossible. So I guess what I’m getting at is good luck!


    • No problem! 🙂

      I’ll need good luck! The AI never makes mistakes but I do, and one mistake turns the tide of the battle and a loss will be inevitable. 😀 The frustration is slowly showing up. Good thing the game is enjoyable enough to keep playing!


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