Buff Link

Pros: He’s much stronger and fearsome. He’d pretty much wipe the floor with the enemies of Hyrule. He’s got the Divine Blessing of the Beard and the Cigar of Truth to add to all of his stats 100 fold.

Cons: He’s a bit slower and can’t pass small passageways easily. But that’s not really a con anyways as he surely should be able to trash all walls that stand in his way with his brute superhuman strength!

You might think that it’s a belt that he has around his waist. You never could’ve been more wrong. It’s the head of Ganon that he’s put there as a trophy in the manner of a “Ganon Head” as opposed to the “Deer Heads” man usually puts on their walls. Yes, he’s that huge.

But this Link can’t be compared to man. He’s simply all too much man for that. He’s… a superman (no pun intended).


4 thoughts on “Buff Link

    • I found it through your webpage and from there found out that it’s originally from Genzoman from Deviantart, so thanks for the introduction. I’ll add the link to the original artwork into the post for completeness sake.


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